ETNA is EDHEC’s audio-visual association. It seeks to highlight the richness of association life on campus by broadcasting summaries of recent association events (Boucles) and different TV news bulletins, and producing internal and external communications videos for the School’s other associations. ETNA is well aware of its role as the School’s media and therefore also reports on EDHEC’s internal events. We also work on behalf of companies. Apart from the financial gains, these contracts enable us to demonstrate our professionalism and especially to expand our range of skills. 

Showreel ETNA 2016 from ETNA Edhec Video on Vimeo.



26.09.2023 - EDHEC
Appointments, new teachers, new positions... what's new for the start of the 2023 academic year?
The start of the 2023 academic year is an opportunity for students to focus once again on the challenges facing society and technology, while for programmes and faculty it means a number of significant changes and an ambitious projection towards…
25.09.2023 - Executive Education
#MyMBAStory - Pedaling towards a greener future: Javier Garcia Royo's inspiring journey with EDHEC's Global MBA
In a world where sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship are no longer optional, but a necessity, one inspiring triathlete set out on a mission to make professional cycling more accessible and eco-conscious.  
20.09.2023 - Executive Education
#MyMBAStory – Sara Van Leuven: Breaking barriers, building dreams
EDHEC's Executive MBA was not just a career booster for Sara, it was a life-changer. Here's her story.