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Inspired by urban culture, FADE is an EDHEC association that aims to promote urban culture. The association's project is divided into two parts and is characterised by its major events, which will take place throughout the year:

  • The Marketplace
  • Urban Week

Because it's everyone's culture, FADE wants to be at the heart of this synergy that links all the different aspects of urban culture, including "music, art, sport, fashion and much more". The association is also part of a CSR approach, enabling it to broaden its actions through partnerships with other associations or competent structures with a view to multiplying its impact.

WHY THE NAME FADE? As its name suggests, FADE, otherwise known as "Dégradé", is a representation of the cultural diversity present within the association, which makes it so rich. What makes a gradient? A gradient is a nuance of dark and light colours, which creates a gradient effect. It's partly a way of expressing the fact that regardless of skin colour or origin, every individual is a direct player in urban culture.



18.07.2024 - EDHEC
16 EDHEC students and alumni qualify for the summer sports event
EDHEC is proud to announce that 16 of its students and alumni have qualified for the major competition in the summer of 2024, in a wide range of disciplines.