TechForward, the incubator committed to transformative technological projects.

By offering a unique and ambitious one-year incubation program, we support all entrepreneurs in the acceleration of their startup and their commitment to the future, through Technology.

At a time...


When our model of society is coming up against its own limits and the planet’s as well.
When our activities impact the future of generations to come.

We believe that Technology has the potential to address tomorrow’s major issues.

TECH FORWARD Change for tomorrow

A Technology of a new kind to challenge the status quo.



Technological innovation must be designed to serve the future. The new technology we advocate is: 

A holistic Technology
A sustainable Technology
A value-creating Technology
A regenerative Technology
A Technology as a catalyst for change…


To address the major challenges of the century and create a better world for everyone, we think this transition is essential. 




This vision gave rise to TechForward 

The one-stop-incubator for Tech startups.



By combining the expertise and excellence of three pioneering institutions, EDHEC, EURECOM and Institut Mines-Télécom, help innovative entrepreneurs with a strong technological dimension to realize their ambition. 


We support business owners who are committed to building transformative companies from all backgrounds and across all industries. We actively support them in their ambition to tackle the toughest problems of the present and address the most important issues of the future.




Our uniqueness is expressed in 3 pillars:



From the meeting comes the opportunity


TechForward, at the center of the French Riviera's economic, scientific, and technological ecosystem, is a powerful accelerator for moving to the next level. 


With privileged access to the best partners, infrastructures and transversal business and technological resources, committed entrepreneurs benefit from unequaled support to meet the 4 major challenges of tomorrow.

To provide people and businesses the ability to realize themselves, let's put people back at the center of innovation, adapt financial services, customize insurance offers, rethink the educational system and pedagogical approaches, and transform the way we work and produce.

To stop climate change, let's transform our economic model and our industrial system towards sustainability, let's reinvent sustainable mobility, reduce greenhouse gases to zero and lead the energy transition, develop alternative, clean and renewable energies, promote an intelligent and regenerative agriculture. 

To provide a better lifestyle, individualized care, and well-being for everyone, let’s rethink the health care system and the patient pathway and let's work towards a balanced diet adapted to real needs.

To achieve a successful digital transformation on a worldwide scale, let's reimagine tomorrow's business and supply chain, revise information and communication systems and develop cybersecurity, let’s reinvent the customer, user and employee experiences, improve industrial processes and the transmission of knowledge.

Between business and technology: a unique program


By bringing together the expertise of EDHEC, EURECOM and Institut Mines-Télécom, we offer a hybrid and innovative ecosystem composed of exclusive resources at the junction of business and technology.


Startups participating in the program are accompanied for a year by EDHEC Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs and gain access to:


  • A dedicated program manager to follow them throughout their adventure
  • More than 300 business experts on the key topics of business creation (financing, legal, marketing, product...)
  • Support for a global performance ((economic, social, societal and environmental)
  • A network of more than 60 Venture Capital partners


But also:

  • A large network of teachers-researchers and alumni of the 3 institutions
  • Support for technological protection
  • Specialized infrastructures and partners

Start now!


We are at the beginning of an extraordinary and resolutely virtuous human adventure.
To all the avant-garde entrepreneurs, the visionaries, and the adventurous.
Together, let’s push the technological limits to positively impact the world. 


Together, reshaping Technology for a better world.

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