Global Head of Client Research and Solutions


EDHEC is looking to recruit a Global Head of Client Research and Solutions for its newest FinTech venture, Scientific Portfolio, based in Paris or Nice.

Scientific Portfolio is an early-stage project which will offer its team members the opportunity to contribute to the launch and growth of a novel platform: EDHEC ambitions for Scientific Portfolio to become a global reference for institutional investors to manage their financial and ESG risks.

Following in the footsteps of prior successes such as Edhec Risk Institute, Scientific Beta or Scientific Infra, this new project will perpetuate the tradition of transferring academic know-how and ideas to the industry.


The Global Head of Client Research and Solutions will be responsible for:

  • Developing and presenting new research covering all topics relevant to global equity investors, in particular institutional asset owners. Research output will be client-driven and incorporate the level of rigour and pedagogy of academic publications or industry journals.
  • Tackling conceptual investment problems that will straddle financial (e.g. factor investing, quantitative risk management) and extra-financial (e.g. climate finance, ESG investing) issues.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest financial academic research and advocating for new value-adding ideas and concepts that can be implemented on our platform, thus contributing directly to the transfer of academic knowledge to the industry.
  • Embracing the academic concepts and methods underpinning our risk analysis and portfolio construction platform and promoting them to a wide audience of investors via white papers, short publications and webinars.
  • Questioning existing investment practices and identifying areas where the offering of institutional investment services can be materially improved for the benefit of end users.
  • Keeping up to date with the regulations, trends and evolutions of the institutional investment management industry where our users operate.
  • Contributing to responses to regulatory consultations by prudential and financial regulators on institutional equity investment topics.



The ideal candidate:

  • Has a minimum of 10Y of combined experience in either the investment management industry or in a financial academic position, and a proven experience in a client-oriented research role.
  • Strong command of theoretical finance concepts and methods including equity portfolio management, quantitative risk management and asset pricing. Knowledge of ESG investing and climate finance is a plus.
  • Knowledge of investment practices (risk management, liability-driven investment) of pension plans and insurers.
  • Has extensive experience drafting investment-related report and/or communication in English for professional investors (excellent writing skills are crucial). Proven track record of published articles in English in academic or industry journals is a plus.
  • Excellent oral presentation skills and a taste for pedagogy and educating market participants. Teaching experience is a plus.
  • Advanced degree in finance (PhD not essential but can be an asset).
  • Strong coding skills (Python) and quantitative skills


The salary will be determined according to the Scientific Portfolio pay scale, based on the candidate’s qualifications and previous experience.


A work permit is mandatory, please send applications.