TEDxEDHEC "Dream, Dare, Do"

This is an independently organized event operated under license from TED.

This is the second TEDx event hosted in the birthplace of EDHEC Business School - Lille. Students behind the organisation aim to bring the ideas generated here to share with the world and most importantly to make an impact.


  • Laura LESUEUR, Director of 360Learning + Founder of « Manger citoyen »
  • Sarah NAFAA, CEO of Mooky Skills
  • Joshua ARVIND, EDHEC student
  • Shirley LIU, Vice-Pesident Marketing at L’Oréal
  • Nicolas HARLE, CEO of Nova Consulting
  • Youssef LOUZIR, Business Development Representative at Wibbitz
  • Amine LASSOUED, Manager/Business Development Emerging Market at Salesforce
  • Bertrand MONNET, EDHEC Professor