16 Dec


Faced with the challenge of creating value and innovating, legal departments are today looking to measure their performance in order to reinvent themselves.
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15 Dec

EDHEC VOX PODCAST: EPISODE #7: The Corporate Social Networks

This episode is dedicated to the Corporate Social Networks or CSN and how do they enhance the employee’s engagement in a company.
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21 Jun

Mandatory corporate due diligence in European Union: a promising step forward for businesses

The business of business is business. Well not quite. Not when business activities contribute to environmental destruction, make violations of human rights more likely, or destabilize legitimate democratic governments.
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17 May

Circularity, Industrialisation, Digitalisation: The perfect storm to revolutionise the buildings sector?

The buildings sector (residential and commercial) is responsible for about 40% of all energy consumption in the EU. And, it is also the sector where progress has been slowest towards sustainability.
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25 Feb

Building supply chain resilience (SCRes) to COVID-19: insights from the automobile industry

The fast and extensive propagation of the novel COVID-19 has created immense uncertainties in demand and disruptions in global supply-chains.
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17 Dec

Vicarious guilt of the next generations in family business

In recent times, public media has repeatedly portrayed next-generation family business members apologizing or offering reparations for past wrongdoings. These behaviours regularly indicate the experience of guilt.
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19 Nov

“To make innovation happen, continuous investment in people is critical”

Fabian Bernhard, Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School, introduces us to his newly published book, Innovation Management – Perspectives from Strategy, Product, Process and Human Resources
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22 Oct

Millennials and self-employment in recessionary times

A career is a progression of positions that individuals hold during their lifetime, a sequence of unfolding work experiences that span various organizations and occupations.
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20 Oct

Agriculture Supply Chain Risks and COVID-19: from mitigation to sustainable strategies

The impact of keeping people from being able to work, meet, and socialize has severely damaged economic activities, especially in the services and the agricultural sector.
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