The Executive MBA encourages inclusive practices in companies

To mark International Women’s Day, EDHEC Business School’s Executive MBA programme organised a conference for participants on the Parcours Dirigeants & Entrepreneurs track and alumni of executive programmes to raise awareness of gender equality issues in the workplace. 

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15 Mar 2023
Robert Baker animant une conférence sur l'égalité femmes-hommes

Supported by EDHEC’s Executive MBA Women's Society and presented by consultant Rob Baker, a specialist in questions of diversity and inclusion in companies, the seminar sought to demonstrate the essential role played by companies in changing mentalities. Particular emphasis was placed on gender-based prejudices and stereotypes - such as the idea that women are incapable of managing or leading a team - by underscoring the persistent gender pay gap*, as well as the not women-friendly access to employment. As part of this initiative, participants were also invited to think about concrete actions to reduce gender inequality and discrimination in the workplace, such as asking their company to provide data on women’s pay and women’s representation at different levels of the hierarchy, or fighting sexist behaviour and language within their company. The conference furthered EDHEC Business School’s initiatives designed to encourage inclusive and non-discriminatory collective and individual behaviours within organisations. 

* The World Economic Forum’s 2022 report on the gender pay gap estimated that at the current pace, it would take 132 years to reach a situation of equal pay between men and women worldwide. 

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