8 Tips for a Successful Interview

Written on 10 September 2014.

Tips for Interviews

Manuelle Malot, director of career services at EDHEC Business School, gives us tips for a successful interview and stresses the mistakes recent graduates often make in job interviews. So, ready to do a little studying?

  1. Prepare a quick presentation (roughly three minutes) that will respond to the traditional first question: tell me about yourself or introduce yourself. Look your interlocutor in the eye and don’t speak your piece as if it were memorised.
  2. Listen carefully to the questions, never interrupt your interlocutor, and express yourself with care: word order, vocabulary, diction, elocution, and delivery. Speak in the first person: clearly, out loud, and with a steady delivery. 
  3. Be prepared: know the contents of your CV by heart—that is, the phases of your experience and the reasons for your choice of curriculum, major field of study, internships, and so on. 
  4. Give a specific example, with figures, if possible, for each argument you make; the example may be from your personal or professional life. Draw on your experiences to illustrate your competencies. Be concrete: rely on facts and figures.
  5. In the common event of a competency-based interview, use the STAR method (situation, tasks, action, results) to illustrate your answers.
  6. In the formulation of your responses, bring back up the job requirements. Answer only the questions asked; don’t flood the interviewer with useless information. Be concise; speak in organised and timely fashion.
  7. Avoid bluffing to keep from losing your composure: your interviewer will not be hoodwinked by your lack of sincerity. In questions about your weaknesses, stress the lessons you have learned rather than the weaknesses themselves.
  8. Smile, be enthusiastic, and conclude by coming to alluding to the next steps: it is possible, for example, to mention the period within which a response might be expected.

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