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In this video-testimonial, Shreeja from India shares her journey of transformation

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12 Jul 2023

Shreeja Nandy, an engineering team leader from India, joined EDHEC's Global MBA programme to explore the business aspects of product development and enhance her leadership skills. Shreeja values EDHEC's personalised learning path and its diverse, supportive community that fosters learning and collaboration. The all-encompassing curriculum has equipped her with a deep understanding of various business functions, enabling her to make well-informed decisions about her future career trajectory. Shreeja has not just experienced a leap in her learning curve, but also a significant shift in her perspectives and career aspirations. 


Hello, I am Shreeja. I come from India. Before joining the MBA, I was working in new product development, leading engineering teams and developing lighting solutions for the North American market. While I was working in new product development, I could see myself asking a lot of questions on the business side of things and I found myself leaning more and more towards those questions and wanting to have a broader leadership role and trying to make impact on larger group of people or maybe the larger market. All of them led me to believe that an MBA programme would be the best place to get answers to all these questions. As I've progressed through this MBA and we have learned about different aspects of the business, I've also had a chance to look at myself as a leader and what my strengths and weaknesses are. 


I wanted to do an MBA, that was clear. I also wanted to do it in France because of the pedagogy that France has and very tailored programmes. These are the things that attracted me to France as a country, but specifically EDHEC, because I resonate with EDHEC’s score value of making an impact.  

Everybody is super nice and ready to help. Everyone has different sorts of skills. Everybody comes from a different background in terms of profession, in terms of geography, in terms of the number of years of experience. So, you could go to somebody and learn something new and everybody's open to help you learn something new. For example, we launched a podcast part of the club, and that was something that I had been working upon or dreaming about before this MBA and after coming here, we formed a group. We found people with different skill sets and came together. So as a cohort, I would say very diverse, very open and very helpful. 

The whole design of the programme was the key takeaway for me. There are different subjects which cover multiple functions in a business in the real world and we get a flavour of all these functions in the 10-month programme. I think for me the main aim of this MBA was to understand the business side of things, who the people are, what they do. And I got a full introduction to all these verticals and going forward, how it would help me is it would enable me to understand where I want to go next in my career, is there a particular field that interests me and I would perceive further in depth.  

My experience in three words, global, a paradigm shift and fleeting. 


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