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Meet Hugo Pasquier, a  2021 graduate of the Master in Management, Finance track. In his final year, he specialised in the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking. Hugo, now a Private Equity Analyst at StepStone Group, returned to EDHEC’s Nice campus to teach students about Private Markets, Private Equity, and Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) during the Alumni Insights session – a series of events where Alumni from the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking address a special topic with the students of the programme. 

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20 Feb 2024
MSc Corporate Finance & Banking - Hugo Pasquier - Alumnus


Can you share with us the topics you covered with the MSc Corporate Finance & Banking students.

I introduced Private Markets, Private Equity, and Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) to the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking students, supplementing the theoretical framework with a practical Excel case study. Additionally, we delved into the essential components of an investment memorandum.



You taught the students practical topics that you implement and work on in your current job. Can you share how it will benefit the students?

By guiding the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking students through an LBO case study, I aimed to consolidate and synthesize knowledge acquired in Master 1 and Master 2 at EDHEC. Mastering LBO modelling is indispensable for students aspiring to intern or work in M&A, Private Equity/Debt, and Transaction Services, making it a valuable asset in their professional journey.



After attending your lecture, what do you hope students will take away from your course?

My aspiration is for MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking students to gain a clearer understanding of the four asset classes in Private Markets, particularly Private Equity and its distinct stages—Venture Capital, Growth Equity, and Buyout. Furthermore, I hope they acquire a fundamental grasp of LBO modeling and practical insights into the concrete realities of working in Private Equity.



How do you bring your experience to the classroom?

For the presentation part, I designed and projected a PowerPoint, trying to make the session interactive with questions for the audience. In addition, I shared and completed an Excel LBO case study with the students, allowing them to apply concepts in real time with the opportunity to ask questions. I also shared a version of the LBO model with the solution after the session to provide an opportunity for further reflection.
We also spent some time on Q&As in the end.


MSc Corporate Finance & Banking - Hugo Pasquier - Alumnus


How did you land your first jobs?

Securing my end-of-study internship involved a meticulous approach, including a high volume of applications and focusing on firms with a high potential for full-time conversion.
While completing my internship, I applied to several interesting offers from a specialised recruiting firm called PER, which eventually led to a successful outcome with StepStone Group after a rigorous 17-interview process. In essence, my journey was a combination of resilience, hard work, and a touch of serendipity.



Can you share some insights about your role as a private equity analyst?

My role as a Private Equity Analyst primarily revolves around analyzing and executing direct minority investments in companies. Additionally, I play a crucial role in covering the French ecosystem of Private Equity funds, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.



What are some great memories from when you attended EDHEC?

That is not an easy question given that I have a lot of great memories from my time at EDHEC. 
However, if I had to name three it would be:
-    The awe-inspiring first day I stepped onto the Lille campus, a moment of pride and excitement.
-    Receiving heartfelt thanks from students after successfully organizing a student party in Nice as part of my role in EDHEC’s student union (BDE).
-    Expanding the project of my former association, L’Ombre et la Plume, which focused on the reintegration of offenders in the area of Lille, by establishing a lasting partnership with the prison of Nice during my year of Master 1, a collaboration that endures to this day. 



A tip you would share with students. Something you wished you knew before.

Commence your job search early and cast a wide net when exploring competitive opportunities. It's always possible to narrow down options once you secure an initial offer. 
Also, don’t let anyone tell you that something is impossible. I have been told that finding a first job in private equity is impossible, yet here I am. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it will always be easy and you should have a backup plan, but please don’t do everything by the book, shoot for the moon and make an impact.




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