Assessing Legal Department innovation

Written on 02 December 2021.

As part of its partnership with Legal Suite, a subsidiary of Septeo Group, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, a pioneering training and research centre on legal transformation, has created, the first tool enabling legal departments to measure their level of performance and get certified on several transformation themes.

Thanks to the research conducted by Christophe Roquilly and Soufiane Kherrazi, legal departments can now assess their performance and initiate a certification process on the theme of innovation. A first "Innovative Legal Department" index was created from empirical studies carried out by EDHEC with Ubisoft's legal department - which was identified as a leading legal department on innovation - and a review of the literature.

In the field of innovation, the levers and performance indicators of legal departments are of strategic, managerial and behavioural nature.

While it is primarily a question of equipping the legal department with solid and relevant indicators, the objective is also to contribute to the creation of value for the company. With the increase of risks faced by organisations, the legal department is becoming a central and transverse strategic player.

Assessing and guaranteeing its transformation and performance dynamics is therefore essential.

There are many issues at stake in the certification of legal departments:

- Recognition of the value created by the legal department within the organisation

- Improvement of performance

- Motivation of legal teams

- Enhancement of the employer brand

As Geoffrey Delcroix, Head of Legal Innovation at Ubisoft, explains, "Innovating in – and for – the legal profession involves exploring unknown territories. Sharing our efforts, our achievements and comparing them to those of the legal community with the help of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute has encouraged us to question and figure out the real impact of the transformation of the legal profession on the company. It has also helped us to foster an entrepreneurial mindset throughout the Ubisoft legal team."

Other legal transformation indexes and certifications ( digitalisation..) are due in 2022 and 2023.

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