Campus life: develop a greater understanding of how data analytics and machine learning

Written on 21 June 2022.

As an MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consuling student, Aurélien Haas joined the learning expedition on Business-Oriented Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Dublin, organised by Professor Peter Daly, director of the MSc in Management & Leadership. The goal: gain a better understanding of how data analytics and machine learning in industry settings. He shares his experience.


You took part in the learning expedition on Business-Oriented Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Dublin. Why did you choose this learning expedition among the different ones offered to the MSc students?

With the implementation of the European Law on the GDPR, I have realised the importance of data processing. Data still seemed to me to be like a mystical science. However, the issues surrounding data are becoming more and more anchored in operational business. It is obvious that data allows companies to anticipate the needs of their customers, know their buying behaviour and to meet their expectations. It is now a method used by many companies. I didn't know how artificial intelligence works either and I really wanted to know more about it because nowadays companies are looking to recruit people who can help them in the development of data and machine learning.

I appreciated the opportunity to train in data and artificial intelligence at the National Centre for Applied Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in Dublin. I was able to learn and train from people who are experts in their field thanks to the many courses and practical exercises offered. Furthermore, what I liked about this learning expedition was the contact with companies applying AI. In my opinion, you learn the most from the professionals. That's why I chose this particular learning expedition.


What are the main highlights of the learning expedition?

To me, the main is the fact that data scientists surrounded us during the whole learning expedition. Moreover, the organisation was optimal! In the morning, we could follow a course, followed by a conference with a professional working in a private company related to the course. In the afternoon, we put the skills we had learned in the morning into practice in group work. Even as a novice, the experts used simple words that were easy to understand.

The group work allowed us to better understand machine learning and data processing. This was for me the strongest point of our learning expedition because it is by practicing that we learn the most.

We had a concrete and pragmatic approach to AI with practical exercises.

In addition, on the last day, we had the opportunity to talk to the deputy director of a bank that uses data to secure their customers' transfers. This meeting was very enriching because it was interactive! We were able to ask him about the importance and future of data, but also if it is important to challenges. It was a great moment of knowledge sharing.


What are the main takeaways for you?

Thanks to this training, I was able to understand the focus of artificial intelligence which allows automatic translation, image recognition, facial recognition, voice assistants, chatbots, autonomous vehicles...

Today, I am not able to code because I would need advanced training. However, I am able to understand the principles of Artificial Intelligence and its main applications in marketing, sales, and customer relations. I can also project the possible uses of AI in a business project and carry out this project successfully. Moreover, these skills are sought after by recruiters as they would allow the deployment of artificial intelligence in their structure (automation of tasks, lightening of the workload, help in making difficult decisions).

Training in AI has allowed me to awaken my curiosity and change my view on this technology representing one of the major challenges of the 21st century.


What will remain your best memory?

We had a lot of great memories because we were a tight-knit group! But my favourite moment was the diner at "The Church", a restaurant in a former deconsecrated church. The place was beautiful, we were able to chat and get to know all the students in the group. We also got to eat local food while watching a tap dance demonstration.

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