[CASE STUDY]Vekia: pioneering machine learning in retail supply chain

By Clare Gately, Professor of Entrepreneurship

Written on 11 December 2017.

Clare Gately, associate professor of Entrepreneurship and co-director MSc. in Entrepreneurship published a new Research Case Study in the Small Entreprise Research Journal focused on Vekia, a retail supply chain company that creates software to help retailers optimize their supply chain.

It is entitled "Vekia: Pioneering Machine Learning in the Retail Supply Chain. Small Enterprise Research"

Abstract: "Vekia’s value lies in matching client needs for accurate demand and inventory forecasting with world-leading machine learning capabilities. Their strength is built from a deep knowledge of the retail supply chain sector coupled with research expertise in mathematical engineering. From its inception, Vekia has fostered strong research-industry collaboration. Its executive president and founder, Manuel Davy, has aligned the business with the top research centres in France. This focus on new knowledge commercialization has kept Vekia ahead of the game and a market leader in the retail supply chain sector, according to Gartner, one of the world’s leading software publishers. Their software products support a variety of retail businesses including food distribution, fashion, sports, DIY, automotive parts and pharmacies."

The full article is available here.

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