Combining law and finance: EDHEC and the Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Lille launch a new double degree

EDHEC Business School and the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lille announce the creation of a double undergraduate degree in International Law & Finance, for which the first incoming class is scheduled to begin at the Faculty of Law’s new Paris campus at Issy-les-Moulineaux in September 2023.


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18 Nov 2022
l'EDHEC et la Catho signe un partenariat pour un double diplôme Droit/BBA

This new programme is designed to leverage EDHEC’s longstanding expertise in finance and law and the innovative learning methods and student support measures developed by the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lille. It incorporates an original teaching approach (e.g. service learning, a method involving engagement with the community that enables students to gain skills in practical situations, etc.), delivered by experienced professors and underpinned by the know-how of the two institutions’ career centres, all with the goal of preparing future graduates for developments in legal professions being driven by new technologies and data. This unique program is elaborated in partnership with EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, which researches explore and create knowledge of law transformations within organisations and society, for ten years. 

A comprehensive training programme

The International Law & Finance programme enables students to obtain four degrees: a bachelor (licence) in law at the end of the third year, the EDHEC International BBA at the end of the fourth, the Master 2 in business law from the Faculty of Law and the MSc LL.M from EDHEC in the fifth year. These diverse qualifications underline the ambition of EDHEC and the Faculty of Law to train agile and hybrid students.

Pooling expertise

The curriculum enables learners to acquire high-level legal expertise and cutting edge knowledge of management science, particularly of finance. The double degree is also enriched by practical experience gained in companies or law firms and by a period spent abroad. In short, a unique programme that capitalises on a combination of academic and professional know-how, in line with EDHEC’s 2020-2025 strategic plan.

Gateway to a variety of professional careers

Thanks to the wealth of knowledge acquired through this new double degree, students can target professions combining law and finance, such as legal officer within independent organisations, institutions or authorities (financial regulator, competition authority, data protection watchdog, etc.), deputy counsel in the International Criminal Court (ICC) or specialist consultant in audit, consulting or accounting firms. More broadly, the double degree offers students a gateway to legal professions that require management knowledge, e.g. in-house counsel, legal analyst in a start-up, contract manager, compliance officer or legal operations officer. These professional needs have been constated also by cabinets and EDHEC Augmented Law Institute’s partner organisations.




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