Course Structure, Job Guidance, and Scholarships: Chinese Student Shares the Choice and Experience from French Major to Master in Management

Discover how Wan Zhoutong transitioned from a French major to pursuing a Master in Management - Business Management track at EDHEC. Explore insights on course structure, job guidance, scholarship opportunities and student experience that shaped her educational and professional journey.

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18 Apr 2024
Wan Zhoutong - Master in Management - Business Management track


Before joining the Master in Management programme - Business Management Track at EDHEC in 2023, Wan Zhoutong graduated with a degree in French. During her undergraduate studies, she developed a strong interest in the business field. Hoping to fill the gaps in her business knowledge and accumulate relevant experience, she opted for the three-year programme at EDHEC, consisting of two academic years and one year of internship.


Application Insights: About Choosing EDHEC


Before joining EDHEC, what was your undergraduate major?

I graduated with a degree in French.

During my undergraduate studies, I found myself deeply interested in social media and entrepreneurial projects. However, due to a lack of business knowledge and relevant experience, pursuing work in this field was relatively challenging. The first-year curriculum of the Master in Business Management programme provided me with an opportunity for systematic learning, bridging the gap in my business knowledge.

Through exploring the programme, I gradually clarified the direction I wanted to pursue in the future.


Can you briefly explain why you chose to join EDHEC?


Firstly, I learned through alumni that EDHEC has high administrative efficiency, and its career guidance service centre ranks first nationwide. During the application process, I also learned that EDHEC offers dedicated scholarships for women.

Regarding the curriculum, I am particularly interested in the specialisation available in the second year of the Master in Business Management - the MSc in Creative Business and Social Innovation



Why did you choose the Master in Management - Business Management Track?


As I studied English interpretation during my undergraduate studies, I intended to apply for a programme that could accommodate both French and English. Initially, I planned to apply for an applied foreign language programme at a public university.

During the preparation period, I learned that the Master in Business Management at EDHEC also offers English-taught courses. Compared to other options, this programme places more emphasis on practicality and offers broader prospects for future employment. The programme provides general courses in the first year and specialises only after the third year, which is more suitable for someone like me without a background in business. Therefore, I ultimately chose EDHEC.



About Scholarship Application


How did you learn about the EDHEC China Alumni High Impact Scholarship?


I learned about this scholarship after attending a university education fair and joining the application group.


Is the process of applying for this scholarship complex?


The process is not too complicated; you only need to submit an additional motivational letter and attend an interview.


How does receiving this scholarship help you?

This scholarship not only relieves the financial burden on my parents but also allows me to better manage my financial resources. For example, during my spare time, I can travel to neighbouring countries or participate in various school-organized activities.



About EDHEC Student Experience


What was your first impression when you arrived at EDHEC?


My first impression was that the campus facilities are very modern, and the atmosphere is youthful and vibrant, fully meeting my expectations.

The part I looked forward to the most was the school's career service guidance centre. Just two months into the school year, the centre has already organised intensive activities, allowing us to gain preliminary insights into various French companies and providing opportunities to interact with managers from well-known companies.



What are the teaching methods and content of your programme?


For example, in the "Human Resources" course, the teacher provides some cases and requires us to complete group assignments within a limited time during class and present them. We need to communicate efficiently with group members within a short time. Initially, this was a challenging task because members from different backgrounds had different ideas and habits, making communication less smooth. However, as time went on, we completed cases faster and faster, which gave me a great sense of achievement.


Have you interacted with teachers and staff? What did you discuss?


At the beginning of the school year, the school organised many activities, and there were also many online self-study parts in the early stages of the course. I found it difficult to manage my time and felt a bit lost. At the Chinese student sharing session organised by Ms Cai, the person in charge of international admissions, I learned how to balance studying and leisure and gained more insights into the characteristics of life in France.


Through classroom interaction and orientation activities, have you met students from different countries?


For example, during the Diwali celebration organised by the Indian student association, I learned about India's most important festival for the first time, tasted Indian food, and saw Indian students wearing various traditional costumes. The students who participated in the event came from different countries, but our enthusiasm for understanding foreign cultures was mutual.


What is your impression of the EDHEC Lille campus?


The Lille campus has several "mascots", with the most famous being the cat named Gustave. It often enters classrooms without hesitation or lies on tables. Gustave is a very individualistic cat. Although everyone on campus is very enthusiastic about it, it can suddenly become aloof and then leave!


When studying in France, did you find it difficult to adapt to the rhythm of life and study?


When I first arrived, I was unfamiliar with many daily habits. As I got to know more and more friends, I gradually understood how locals deal with these situations, adjusted my mindset, relaxed my nerves, and then adapted.


Future aspirations and advice


What are your future plans and aspirations (academic, professional, personal, etc.)?


Professionally, I hope to find employment in France and develop in the luxury goods industry. I plan to participate in school-organised career fairs to gain more useful experience and connections.

Personally, I hope to be able to use French fluently. I am willing to try various new things, break free, and explore more possibilities.



Do you have any advice for students who want to apply for the Master in Business Management programme?


Firstly, fluent English is the most basic requirement. Because all courses are taught in English, communication between students is also conducted in English. If there are problems even with basic English expression, it will definitely be heavily penalised.

Secondly, I think internship experience is very important. In fact, most students have some work experience before studying. They will have more insights during the learning process and better absorb and apply the knowledge they have learned. I suggest that everyone make good use of their spare time to participate in more internships after passing the language exam. These internships do not necessarily have to be in large companies but mainly to enrich your understanding of business.



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