Coursera: Global Financing Solutions by EDHEC & Société Générale

In partnership with Société Générale, EDHEC launches the first online course certificate on Coursera

Written on 21 March 2019.

Before the launch in june of a special track in Data Science and Machine Learning in Asset Management, EDHEC introduces its first online course certificate on Coursera on Global Financing Solutions. After a successful run in partnership with Société Générale reserved to both EDHEC students and Société Générale employees, EDHEC makes this course available to a large and global audience. 


A global scope for a sucessful course after two limited editions 


This 7-weeks MOOC, jointly constructed by EDHEC and one of Europe’s leading providers of financial services Société Générale provides learners with practical case studies and theorical concepts. Learners improve their understanding of the dynamics of financing and its role at the heart of the real economy. 

Theory is explained by world-renowned Professor Abraham Lioui, then illustrated with practical case studies presented by senior experts and executive managers from Societe Generale’s financing department.

The subjects covered include the syndication process, the differences between asset finance and project finance, how capital markets operate, the advantages of securitization and interest-rate risk hedging


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