Discover the results of the 1st Barometer on connected health

30 January 2023 - Bristol Myers Squibb France and EDHEC Business School today unveiled the results of the first barometer on connected health (in French) conducted by Ipsos.

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30 Jan 2023

Connected health, the pillar of tomorrow's medicine? 2/3 of French people do not feel well informed. Bristol Myers Squibb France and EDHEC Business School unveil the results
of the 1st barometer on connected health .


Apart from the lack of information, 3 strong ideas emerge from this barometer:

  • Inequity of access to health despite its digitalization: those most at risk of developing pathologies are the least likely to use connected health - the over-55s (69%) and the least educated (65%).
  • The private sector is less legitimate: for 67% of French people, public services are the most legitimate for offering digital health services or solutions.
  • People before algorithms: 91% of French people trust their GP to make a diagnosis, while only 24% say they trust an algorithm.


Découvrez les résultats du 1er Baromètre de la santé connectée


Digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in the health sector and the pandemic has increased the use of teleconsultation by the French. As part of the creation of a joint research chair in "Management in Innovative Health", Bristol Myers Squibb and EDHEC Business School wanted to set up a barometer on connected health, carried out by the IPSOS polling institute, to provide players in the health ecosystem with unprecedented data on behavioural changes and the perception of the French with regard to digital health solutions.

Conducted among a representative national panel of 1,000 French people aged 18 to 74 from 4 to 9 November 2022, this first wave of the barometer shows their expectations in terms of information, education and reassurance regarding the use of connected health.


>> Read the press release (in French) dedicated to this 1st Barometer


>> Dowload the full Barometer « Perception des Français sur la santé connectée – 1re vague, nov. 2022 »


>> Read the EDHEC Vox interview with Loick Menvielle, professor at EDHEC and director of the chair


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