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Discover the testimony of Sidonie Lédé

Sidonie Lédé is a 1st year student coming from South Africa. After graduating from the Lycée Français Denis Diderot she joined the Global Business track on the Nice campus.

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10 Jun 2024

What is your educational background?

My name is Sidonie and I have been studying at EDHEC for the last year. I am French, however, I have always considered myself South African as I grew up there. After having spent my childhood in South Africa, I moved to Singapore, then back to South Africa, and lastly to Kenya, where I passed my French baccalaureate in the Lycée Français Denis Diderot.


Why did you choose the EDHEC International BBA?

When the time came to choose where to study, I was quite lost: there were so many different business schools, I did not know which school to pick. Thus, I decided to look at different rankings as I wanted to study in a renowned school. After that, I tried to choose between the myriad of different BBAs that were offered by the top business schools, and EDHEC’s one really shined through. Indeed, it permits me to have multiple internships, which will allow me to have a mix of theory and experience in the professional world. Moreover, the network of 55,000 alumni, the career centre which helps the students for their CVs, interviews and internships, as well as the sustainable development stance of EDHEC really set the school apart.


Why did you choose the Global Business Track?

Because of my international background I wanted to join a programme where I could continue to travel, study in a global environment with students coming from different part of the world and learn about international business in a more hands on manner, so this was the perfect opportunity for me.


How was your integration?

I knew I made the right choice when the integration day came, and EDHEC had planned a day full of activities. Thanks to it, I managed to meet people I am glad to call my best friends. Furthermore, the staff and professors were really friendly, always there to help me out, whether it was administration or class related. Friendly, respectful, and attentive people in sunny Nice made my first year here magical. When I was not studying I enjoyed exploring the cities near Nice, such as Monaco (a dream came true for a F1 lover like myself) or on the beach.


Which class did you prefer this year and why?

I have to say that I loved many classes, but my favourite was probably creative advertising; I must admit I chose that elective because I didn’t really know what to pick so I decided to follow my friends, but it turned out to be an amazing class where I could express my creative side. Managerial accounting was also very nice, thanks to a professor (Sir Moïse Louisy-Louis) full of energy and who’s always smiling. Thus comes the conclusion of my year: I met people from around the world which I am proud to call my friends. I learned that even without a mathematical background, I could succeed thanks to helpful professors, amazing classes, and practice, which is exactly what EDHEC offers; this made me stop dreading numbers, and I actually started really enjoying the more mathematical side of business. I discovered that at the right school, a year can feel like a month, which made me realise that I had found my place, the right one, and it is at EDHEC.


If you could give some advice to future students about your experience, what would it be?

My advice would be the following: enjoy the butterflies. The ones in your stomachs before presentations and exams; you will have them. Because those comes when you care, and if you choose EDHEC, you will care. The worldly people you are going to meet, the invested professors and the enthralling subjects will make you care. Never have I felt so stressed before exams; not because I was unprepared, but rather because I cared so much about staying in the program, staying with my chosen family. Enjoy the butterflies, and everything surrounding you, whether the beach in Nice or the “Grande Place” in Lille. Enjoy the process of learning, of growing as an adult, of meeting great people along the way, and of creating even greater memories. Just enjoy!


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