Discovering Sustainable Solutions: MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance Learning Expedition

The MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance programme recently organised a two-day learning expedition in the PACA region. This event aimed to bridge academic concepts with real-world applications, enhancing students' understanding of sustainable finance. Here, Elena Di Riccio shares her experience. 

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31 May 2024
Learning Expedition - MSc in CC&SF


Elena, can you describe the event? 


The learning expedition took place over two days, visiting key industrial sites such as CEA Cadarache Research Institute, ITER, Raffinerie La Méde (Total), and ARCELORMITTAL. The objective was to expose students to real-world changes in energy and production, showcasing efforts to mitigate climate change through new technologies and adaptations to existing processes.


To your opinion, how did this Learning Expedition contribute to the success of the programme?

This expedition is integral to the programme's success by providing hands-on experiences that complement theoretical knowledge. It allowed us to see first-hand the implementation of sustainable practices in leading companies. 


What were the main objectives of this Learning Expedition?

The primary objectives are to:
-    Open our eyes to real-world changes in the filed of energy and production.
-    Observe cutting-edge technologies in climate change mitigation by using new technologies or by adapting usual business to the novel carbon targets.  


How did participating in this Learning Expedition help you with your career goals?

The expedition was incredibly useful. It provided insights into the complexities of funding new green projects, the distribution of benefits among partners, and the challenges of decarbonizing existing processes.


Did this learning expedition meet or differ from your expectations? 

The expedition exceeded my expectations. The blend of theoretical discussions and practical observations was particularly enriching. Each visit was a positive surprise, showcasing the innovative efforts of the companies in sustainable practices. The master programme's approach, blending theoretical and practical perspectives, was effectively demonstrated through this expedition.


Which company visit stood out to you the most during this learning expedition? What made it memorable?

The visit to ITER stood out due to its ambitious nuclear fusion project. Seeing the initial stages of the reactor, which aims to provide carbon-free energy, was incredible. The large scale of the project emphasised the significant impact it could have on reducing carbon emissions.


What content was discussed during the event? How was it applicable to what you studied in the MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance?

We discussed many topics related mostly to the engineering aspects of the MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance programme. Specifically, we focused on how research is driving improvements in technologies such as filters and carbon capture systems. These discussions were directly in line with the topics covered in our classes at Mines Paris, which focused deeply on the technical side of carbon-intensive industries.


Do you think this learning expedition will influence your career choices?

The expedition definitely helped me understand production processes and the challenges that such industries face with the new introduction of decarbonisation requirements, which I think will be helpful to me for a career in Finance. 


What are the key takeaways of participating in this experience?

- A deeper understanding of the operational challenges and successes in sustainable finance.
- Enhanced practical knowledge of climate change technologies.
- Valuable industry connections and insights that will aid in my professional growth.


A last word to highlight this event and/or this MSc?




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