(Droit & Patrimoine) Self-fulfilling prophecy at the turn of 2022: mirage or business miracle?

Press review - Read this article by Rania Labaki, Associate Professor at EDHEC and Director of the Family Business Chair.

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1 Dec 2022

In the first lines of this article published in the magazine Droit & Patrimoine by Rania Labaki, she asks: "How can we speak with serenity about a year rich in excess without seeing a glimmer of hope as it prepares to slip away? Hybrid wars with an air of national and European sovereignty, digital disinformation and excessive egos, multiplied and even quasi-normalized climatic upheavals, pandemics on the march, shortages and embargoes of key resources, inflationary surges widening social disparities... . These are all unprecedented challenges in terms of their systemic impact, threatening our societies and economies, but which are not necessarily non-irreversible..."

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