The Economist - EDHEC Global MBA becomes 52nd MBA Worldwide

Written on 19 October 2012.


The Economist ranking of full time MBA programmes is out, and while the majority of other French schools took a tumble, EDHEC moved upwards to become N°3 in France and N°52 worldwide. The three year average rank of N° 51 secures EDHEC’s place among the best MBAs in the world.

Significant improvements have been made in several categories since the EDHEC Global MBA was declared among the Top50 MBAs in the world, notably concerning the career services offered to participants. Thanks to the innovative Career SMART programme whereby the Careers Service is actually integrated into the Global MBA curriculum, EDHEC has shot from 88th position in 2010 to 33rd position in 2012 for the category “Number of jobs found through the careers service”, the second best in France. The student rating of the Careers Service is 4.3/5 which is the 4th highest score in the world and N°1 in France. The number in jobs three months after graduation (90% of the class) puts EDHEC in 2nd position in France and 26 worldwide.

Other clear improvements were noted in the potential to network category with EDHEC moving upwards from 61st place in 2010 to 43rd place in 2012, and in the percentage increase in salary category which moved EDHEC up the rankings from 89th place in 2010 to 30th place.

Student diversity remains high with EDHEC still securing the top place of N°1 in France and 4th place worldwide. The class profile is once again exceptional with 8 yrs experience on average making EDHEC the 9th most experienced classroom worldwide for the third consecutive year and with an average age of 31 according to Economist rules (taken from the middle 80% of the class only). 60% of the class this year is over 30 years of age.

The Economist ranking of full time MBA programmes is considered one of the most influential in the education world and provides candidates and recruiters with a useful comparison of full time programmes.

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