EDHEC For All: EDHEC steps up its aid for students in financial difficulty

The unprecedented economic and health crisis currently being experienced is disrupting our lives and those of our students. As part of its Impact Future Generations strategic plan, EDHEC is…
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16 Dec 2020

The unprecedented economic and health crisis currently being experienced is disrupting our lives and those of our students. As part of its Impact Future Generations strategic plan, EDHEC is increasing its resources devoted to assisting students, so as to contribute as a business school to forging a more inclusive and more supportive society.

Ranging from the Emergency Fund devoted to students impacted by the crisis, to annual bursary programmes, and embracing the EDHEC Giving 2020-2021 campaign geared to raising donations to assist French and international students, the School and the EDHEC Foundation are using all available levers to enable the most financially fragile students to join the School and live the EDHEC experience.

EDHEC runs an extensive social policy that puts people at the centre of its activities. The School contributes around €10m a year to the EDHEC For All scholarship/bursary and assistance programme, equivalent to around 15% of the sums raised through tuition fees, so as to support the one third of EDHEC students in financial difficulty.

The EDHEC Emergency Fund: still active!

As early as April 2020, with the support of numerous donors including alumni, parents and companies, the EDHEC Foundation set up an Emergency Fund to help students experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the health crisis. For each euro donated, EDHEC agreed to add the same amount up to a total sum of €200,000.

The Fund remains active: the Bursary Commission meets every week in order to help French and international students encountering difficulties related to the health crisis, such as difficult family circumstances, loss of income, unforeseen additional expenses or loss of a parent.

This highly encouraging effort underlines to the School’s current students the degree of involvement and sense of solidarity shared by EDHEC alumni, parents and friends.


The EDHEC For All assistance and bursary programmes: for more solidarity!

Various assistance and bursary programmes exist at EDHEC to promote diversity and equal opportunities within the School, to attract and reward talent and to encourage academic excellence.

To obtain this support from EDHEC For All, students must fulfil social criteria and/or requirements related to academic results.

EDHEC’s different assistance programmes include:

  • Diversity bursaries (social bursaries, equal opportunities bursaries, ARELI-EDHEC bursaries)  and interest-free loans
  • Exceptional bursaries
  • Scholarships for excellence (“very good” mention scholarships, excellence scholarships)
  • International bursaries (international mobility, GETT, MIM and MSc bursaries)
  • MBA, EMBA financial assistance

EDHEC benefits from partnerships with several foundations. The Fondation de France, for example, grants bursaries for pre-master students each year.

For its part, the Objectif Réussite not-for-profit association prepares 10 students from priority neighbourhoods for their admission to EDHEC. In relation with the Rectorate and urban policy,  EDHEC covers 75% of their tuition fees.

Lastly, a number of external assistance programmes exist outside EDHEC, including the CROUS, ERASMUS, EIFFEL and Jean Monnet programmes.

This academic year, 776 social-criteria bursary students are assisted by EDHEC


The EDHEC Giving campaign: overcoming social determinism together!

This year, the EDHEC Giving Foundation has set the ambitious objective of allocating 10 high-impact bursaries to French and international students from the most socially-disadvantaged backgrounds (family coefficients of 6 and 7). These bursaries cover 50% of tuition fees, i.e. €8,000 a year.

Even today, numerous material and psychological obstacles keep many talented young people away from higher education that excels. EDHEC has always placed equal opportunity at the heart of its responsibility to society and wishes to remove these barriers by stepping up its action in favour of social inclusion.   

This makes for an ambitious and unprecedented objective. To attain it, the Foundation needs the support of its alumni. Donate to overcome social determinism and to change destinies!

Key figures:

  • 1,600 individual donors
  • 40 company patrons

Objectives of the EDHEC Foundation:

  • Grant 200 bursaries for the 2020-2021 academic year
    • Of which 190 bursaries of €3,000 to €4,000
    • And 10 high-impact bursaries, covering 50% of tuition fees, i.e. €8,000 a year

Donations to EDHEC are tax-deductible:

  • 66%-deductible against income tax
  • 75%-deductible against real-estate wealth tax
  • 60%-deductible against corporate income tax

If you want to donate from abroad, contact us to find out about the tax measures in your country of residence.


  • To obtain information on the EDHEC Foundation’s development projects, contact Anne Guillon, Director of the EDHEC Foundation, at [email protected] or Sabine Courouble, Donor Relations Manager at [email protected], 03 20 15 47 49
  • To make a donation: click here

EDHEC wants to use its social policy to train a new generation of business leaders, whose more diverse origins and trajectories in life act as a lever for transforming the business world.

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