EDHEC-Auchan Learning Partnership: Retail industry transformations at the heart of EDHEC International BBA learning

Auchan is joining forces with EDHEC to share its retail industry expertise with EDHEC International BBA students, in a partnership comprising joint pedagogical creation, group work tutored by the…

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20 Oct 2021

Auchan is joining forces with EDHEC to share its retail industry expertise with EDHEC International BBA students, in a partnership comprising joint pedagogical creation, group work tutored by the brand and recruitment sessions. Underpinned by an original teaching format, professors and company experts will “co-produce” retail industry classes - particularly on “phygital” issues - in the third and fourth years of the Retail Management and E-commerce & Digital Business specialisations. The input of Auchan managers will enable EDHEC International BBA students to discover the retail industry, the issues facing it and the diversity of professions on offer within the sector. Reflecting EDHEC’s desire to give students the skills to facilitate the start of their careers, the partnership allows the School to fashion a programme for its EDHEC International BBA students that combines academic excellence and acquisition of knowledge much sought-after by the business world. A way to give young generations what they need to “help implement the transformations of a major retail-industry player”, underlines Marie-Catherine Mars, PhD Associate Professor & Deputy Head of Faculty (Marketing).

A synergy of views on the future of retail

Through the partnership, EDHEC reasserts its strong ties with a retail-industry leader, sensitive to the diversity of talents within the School. A relation of confidence founded on a long-term perspective and comprising a bespoke pedagogical project devised for the EDHEC International BBA. Auchan will transmit students its expert knowledge in the areas of customer experience, supply chain and distribution networks.As a family-owned and global business, Auchan has both a longstanding history in the retail industry and a clear focus on the future”, emphasises Patrick Peysson, Head of University Relations and Work-Study Programmes at Auchan Retail France. To gain a firmer grasp of the issues facing Auchan, BBA4 students will take part in a Bachelor Project geared to leveraging the non-food offering in large and medium-sized stores. A challenging subject that offers all students the chance to propose innovative ideas for the future of mass retailing. It also gives the opportunity to consider tomorrow’s issues for the retail industry and apply the knowledge acquired through the EDHEC International BBA’s different courses.Students will be called on to consider the concept of service within an in-store space, as well as how to make the customer experience more fluid and interactive”, explains Marie-Catherine Mars.

A rich array of retail professions

Auchan Retail France will also offer professional opportunities tailored specifically to the EDHEC International BBA, whether in the form of apprenticeships, internships or jobs. “The partnership enables Auchan Retail France to train, spot and attract talented individuals who will help the company to grow in the future”, says Fernanda Diaz, Director, Careers & Employer Engagement. To this end, specific recruitment sessions will be arranged throughout the year in order to strengthen ties between students and the professional world. A dive into the retail universe and its different specialisations, so as to present the rich array of careers available in the industry (store and point-of-sale management, customer experience, logistics, etc.). Retail is a constantly-evolving industry, rich in new ideas and offering a variety of commercial and sales professions that attract for their dynamism and ability to adapt to customer needs.

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