EDHEC Business School launches its first fully-online Master of Science

EDHEC Online, EDHEC Business School’s fully-online degree and certificate training platform, has rounded out its portfolio of programmes with the creation of an “Online MSc in International Business…

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9 Nov 2020

EDHEC Online, EDHEC Business School’s fully-online degree and certificate training platform, has rounded out its portfolio of programmes with the creation of an “Online MSc in International Business Management”. This is the School’s first Master of Science - a level equivalent to five years of higher education - taught fully at distance and in English.   

27 October saw the MSc’s first class-year meet up exceptionally on the Paris campus on the programme’s first day of study for a masterclass titled “Build a career overseas”, delivered by Céline Salinot, Executive Recruitment Manager of Richemont France.

The launch of this new fully-online MSc illustrates the acceleration of EDHEC’s distance learning strategy.


High value-added learning platform co-built with the FOME alliance

The Online MSc in International Business Management is EDHEC Online’s first programme devised within the framework of the Future of Management Education (FOME) alliance, a body grouping together eight business schools and universities from around the world that stand at the forefront of distance learning.

In collaboration with its partners, EDHEC Online has developed an interactive and continuously accessible learning platform. It allows participants to benefit from a curriculum that excels, through classes delivered by EDHEC professors and several institutions belonging to the Alliance, including for instance “International Business & Operations Management” with Imperial College London and “Marketing & Sales in a Digital World” with ESMT Berlin.

The FOME platform also offers a unique learning experience through a variety of instructional formats, based on an array of over 50 different activities including classes, videos and quizzes. Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies supported by the platform, such as adaptive learning (customization of the pace of learning) or social learning (virtual classes in groups), participants become actors in their own learning journey and can modulate their learning to a pace that suits them.


Close-contact e-learning

Like the close-contact e-learning model developed by EDHEC Online, the programme incorporates individual and group coaching sessions, academic mentoring, group projects and bespoke career support via the EDHEC Career Path service.

“This fully-online Master of Science, the first programme built within the framework of the FOME Alliance, positions us in the vanguard of distance learning, for the benefit of our students seeking content that excels, along with flexibility and customised support. This ‘shared-class’ approach constitutes a first stage prior to the creation of global double degrees between the institutions partnering through the Alliance.”

underlines Benoît Arnaud, Director of Programmes, EDHEC Business School

Training agile leaders to take up global challenges  

Amid the disruption affecting the world’s economies, rapid transformations affecting companies and the escalating importance of digital and societal issues, the MSc in International Business Management prepares future leaders to take up global challenges by adopting innovative approaches.

The 15-month curriculum, allows high-potential managers with international profiles to acquire fundamental financial and management knowledge, while also developing cutting-edge skills -  data analytics, agile leadership – that enable them to grasp new business models and respond to the business issues of tomorrow.

The programme conveys the ambition enshrined in EDHEC’s 2025 strategic plan of fostering the development of hybrid profiles and assisting young managers in raising their technological capabilities.

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