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28 Sep 2020

Manon is an EDHEC International BBA 2019 graduate. After completing several internship periods, an academic exchange in New York City and a professional experience in Montreal, she further joined the MSc in Marketing Management delivered by EDHEC (ranked n°7 in the World). From the BBA to the MSc, she shares her experience as an EDHEC Alumna.

Manon Pellegrin - EDHEC International BBA


I still remember the day I applied for EDHEC’s undergraduate programme back in high school. Already at the time, it appeared to me as the most obvious choice. Indeed, I already had a passion for entertainment (cinema, music, and video games) and quickly decided I wanted to work in the business development of entertainment companies. In 2015, I joined EDHEC Business School, and little did I know it would be the start of the most beautiful and fulfilling years of my life


From day one, I was impressed with the diversity of courses available and the many possibilities to study abroad. Soon, my professors convinced me to apply for an academic exchange to step out of my comfort zone. So, in spring 2017, I left for New York City to study at PACE University for a semester. This experience confronted me with another teaching and learning culture. I also strengthened my English oral and written skills and obtained a TOEIC score of 985/990. I believe this academic exchange is a strong asset to my résumé and will help me achieve my goal to work in North America. 


Manon Pellegrin - EDHEC International BBA


During my EDHEC journey, I completed four internships, including two six-month work experiences. My first long-term internship opportunity led me to work as a Sales Assistant for a consumer research firm based in the United States, Canada and France. They provide consumer insights for key customers such as L’Oréal, Decathlon, Carrefour, BNP Paribas Real Estate… 

One year later, I joined a French-Canadian marketing and communication agency based in Montreal for a 6-month mission in Project Management. It was a real chance for me: getting to move to a foreign country with such a wonderful team was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Looking back, I believe this journey enhanced my marketing and customer relationship skills, especially by allowing me to work in a culturally diverse environment. This is also what led me to become a passionate Marketer.


After completing my BBA, I joined the EDHEC MSc in Marketing Management. This choice was both in line with my previous undergraduate studies and my goal to work in the entertainment industry. This very comprehensive programme allowed me to acquire strong marketing skills and to step into the entertainment industry. 

I was very lucky because the programme was sponsored by the leading video game development studio in France: Ubisoft. From January to March, I worked with 5 international teammates (2 French, 1 Indian, 1 Canadian and 1 American) on a case study for the company. Our proposal made it to the final list! Ubisoft then decided to send exclusive internship offers to our class and I got chosen to join their audience analysis team in Paris.


If there is one thing that struck me at EDHEC, it is the power of the relationships I was able to develop. Your class, specialization or even campus will change every semester. This means that there are so many opportunities for new encounters each time. Take this as a chance to discover new things, work hard, go abroad and above all, make connections. Whether they are personal or professional ones. Not only will you be happier, but more importantly, your network is what will make you stand out. The EDHEC community is powerful, take advantage of it.

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