EDHEC consolidates its position as a world-leading school for business and entrepreneurship

Founded by entrepreneurs, EDHEC has embraced the fundamental values of business for over a century. Today, EDHEC consolidates its entrepreneurial spirit by joining Station F, the world’s largest…
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3 Jul 2017

Founded by entrepreneurs, EDHEC has embraced the fundamental values of business for over a century. Today, EDHEC consolidates its entrepreneurial spirit by joining Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus in the heart of Paris. Embodying this momentum, 2017 FT ranks EDHEC #2 in France for the EDHEC Global MBA (Top MBA for Entrepreneurship Ranking).

Ranked right after INSEAD and ahead of HEC in the French arena, this new ranking shows entrepreneurship is at the heart of strategy at EDHEC Business School. The ranking is based on data obtained by FT evaluating indicators that include the percentage of MBA graduates who have set up a company, the percentage of women entrepreneurs, the number of entrepreneurs who raised at least a third of their firms’ equity through private investors rather than using their own savings, survival rates of firms, the extent to which the skills gained during the MBA helped the project and support received from their business schools both for setting up the company and for securing funding or key staff. FT Ranking can be found here >>

This recognition, along with the partnership with Station F, further enhances EDHEC’s position among the world’s leading business schools when it comes to entrepreneurship.

EDHEC Future entrepreneurial projects are coming in droves!

«Founded by entrepreneurs in 1906 » says Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School as of July 1, 2017 « EDHEC has deployed over the century a unique pedagogical project drawing from the values of those committed women and men. Today, EDHEC is one of the leading schools for business and entrepreneurship worldwide. EDHEC community beneficiates from pioneering options towards business development: entrepreneurship tracks in every programme, innovative learning processes like the “Start-up boost”, support and care within EYE (EDHEC Incubator), henceforth at Station F, the Paris-based largest start-up campus on earth… and our future entrepreneurial projects are coming in droves, meeting the global economy and students’ expectations! »



EDHEC Global MBA has a international student body comprised from 37 countries with an average of 7 years’ relevant work experience. The 10-month programme allows students to craft a customized experience, choosing from 3 different key areas: Entrepreneurship, International Finance, and Global Leadership. Headquartered in the French Riviera, Global Business Trips enable students to develop a global mindset and visit businesses in South Africa, London, Singapore or Silicon Valley. Fundamental courses, business simulations and a tailored project shape “the leaders of tomorrow”, who develop their leadership skills and improve their employability through the EDHEC Career Smart Programme.


EDHEC Incubator

EYE, EDHEC Incubator, offers unlimited support to EDHEC students and graduates eager to create their own start-ups. Since its foundation in 2010, EYE has supported 140 start-ups and help generated 850 jobs overall. The incubator conducts over 400 exploratory interviews and validates some 30 “laureate” projects per year. With Station F in Paris, EYE workspace rises from 110 to 150 split between Lille, Nice and Paris. 

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