EDHEC creates a fully online MSc to train future leaders in data issues

Written on 09 June 2021.

EDHEC Online, EDHEC Business School’s fully-online degree and certificate training platform, announces the creation of an Online MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics.

Lasting 18 months and taught entirely in English, the new programme rounds out a training offering designed to enable managers and senior executives to accelerate their acquisition of digital, data and business analytics skills.

Mastering data: a lever for career progress

Against a backdrop of accelerating technological change, the programme caters for participants with various professional profiles united around the common goal of acquiring a data culture, in order to grasp the potential of data and incorporate it into their strategic decisions and team management.

Thanks to dedicated and complementary modules, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the multiple aspects of data-related issues: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation Management and Machine and Deep Learning. In addition to the acquisition of cutting-edge technical knowledge, the MSc will enable managers and senior executives to fit data into a long-term strategic vision. For this purpose, the curriculum will be structured around Business Analytics and Financial Analytics, two tracks of excellence at EDHEC. A wide choice of electives will be offered, such as marketing, supply chains, human resources, web and customer analytics, healthcare and legaltech in the field of Business Analytics and portfolio construction, risk analytics, Python and others in the field of Financial Analytics, as well as numerous hybrid classes.

To succeed with the challenge of transforming their companies, future leaders will need to make data a strategic ally. This explains why we chose to position this new programme at the point where technical knowledge meets business analysis. With the market placing a high value on data, our aim is to train managers and senior executives who master the issues and thus enjoy an edge in terms of strategic vision and career prospects”, explains Tristan-Pierre Maury, Academic Director of the EDHEC Online MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics.



Innovative teaching methods

Participants will benefit from innovative high value-added teaching methods. They will have access to the cutting-edge EDHEC Online learning platform and take classes co-built in partnership with the academic institutions belonging to the Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance1, a pioneer in the field of distance learning.

Reflecting EDHEC Online’s close-contact e-learning model, the programme is designed around multiple pedagogical formats - exercises, tests, quizzes, case studies – that provide for a personalised, interactive and flexible learning experience. It will also incorporate one-on-one and group coaching sessions, academic mentoring, group projects and customised career support via a specialist EDHEC Online Career Path service.

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