EDHEC Dissemin'actions: October 2017

EDHEC Research and Expertise events

Written on 20 September 2017.

Sharing its research findings and engaging in exchanges with academic and non-academic audiences is at the core of EDHEC’s educative mission led by professors and researchers. To do so, faculty members undertake a range of targeted dissemination actions at both a national and international level. Conferences, symposiums, debates, seminars, workshops…here are the upcoming events in October 2017:

- 5-7 OctoberGeorges Tovstiga, Professor of Strategy will be participating in the Emerging Markets Conference 2017 to be held on 5-7 October at the St. Petersburg University. Invited Track Chair on “Strategizing in Emerging Markets”. Find out more about this event.

- 9 October: Raman Uppal, Professor of Finance will be participating in the seminar Inquire Europe, Montreux. The autumn event 2017, will bring together investment professionals interested in understanding and developing quantitative solutions to financial and investment problems. Professor Uppal will be holding "A Portfolio Perspective on the Multitude of Firm Characteristics" presentation on Monday 9 october from 10.00 to 11.00. Co-presented by Victor DeMiguel * (London Business School) Alberto Martin-Utrera, Francisco J. Nogales. Find out more about this seminar.

- 10 October: Sylvie Deffayet, Head of the Leadership and Managerial Competencies Chair will be chairing a conference entitled "Self-Leadership : se reconnecter à son moteur de recherche personnel" on tuesday,10 October at 6.00 pm in the Amphi VIP on EDHEC Lille Campus. Register now.

- 10 October: Eric Shirbini, Global Research and Investment Solutions Director at ERI Scientific Beta will be hosting a webinar entitled "The case for a long/short multi-factor strategy" on tuesday 10, October at 5.00 pm. This specialised webinar will present new research on how to harvest factor premia without suffering from market volatility. Find out more about this webinar.

- 12 October: LegalEDHEC is partner of the Business & Legal Forum which will be held on 12 October, 2017 in Paris. Christophe Collard, professor of Law, director of LL.M law & tax management, and member of LegalEDHEC will be leading a workshop in french on "Transactions en droit de la concurrence". Find out more about this event.

- 16-17 October: Raman Uppal, Professor of Finance will be participating in a seminar entitled "New Developements in Econometrics and Time Series" at the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance in Rome. Find out more about this seminar.

- 28 October: EDHEC Family Business Centre will be participating in the FFI Global Conference 2017 that will be held on 28, October in Chicago. Topic addressed: Electic Shocks from the past: how intergenerational emotions shape family business behaviour, with Rania Labaki, Head of EDHEC Family Business Centre, EDHEC Business School. Find out more about this event.

To find more about all the EDHEC research and faculty activities, please contact amandine.badel@edhec.edu  

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