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19 Oct 2020

Sarah Caboz is an EDHEC alumni. She graduated high school with honors before joining EDHEC Business School for her undergraduate studies in 2015. In 2019, she enrolled in a Master of Arts in European Interdisciplinary Studies at College of Europe in Natolin, Poland. Today, she is undertaking a “bluebook traineeship” at the European Commission in Brussels. 



After high school, I was driven by the desire to discover the business world with its various problems. The precise content of EDHEC International BBA caught my attention.  On the one hand, the first two years enables students to study business and management fundamentals with its panel of subjects ranging from finance, marketing, accounting to communication. On the other hand, the last two years allow students to choose a specialization that is the best tailored to their needs and professional aspirations.

In addition to a purely academic setting, the BBA offers opportunities for all students to put into practice the skills acquired during the classes, through student associations and professional internships, which make EDHEC particularly distinctive.  

My first internship took place in an accounting firm as an accounting assistant and the second one in a communication agency as a marketing consultant. I then undertook a 6-month internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Luxembourg as a marketing intern. My mission was to promote PwC banking and real estate activities in Luxembourg and Europe. In the summer of my third year, I interned in the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers as a start-up incubator research intern. My main duty was to create a benchmark of the 100 top universities’ incubators in the world and to assess their similarities and differences. Finally, in order to gain experience in European Affairs, I chose to do my end-of-studies 7-month internship once again at PwC Luxembourg. As a consulting intern in public policy, I was accompanying European Union institutions as well as some regional and national governments in their process of innovation and improvement. All along my internships search, the EDHEC International BBA Career Center supported me and helped me shape my professional career in European public policy.




For my third and fourth years of undergraduate studies, and after my professional experiences and semester abroad in South Korea, I decided to enrol in the International Business Track (IBT) specialization with a minor in Finance. The specialization is exclusively taught in English and welcomes all foreign students coming from EDHEC’s partnership universities. The strength of the IBT track lies in its multidisciplinary approach. I followed classes dealing with international business development strategies, strategic management, and management in multinational corporations. The minor in finance included classes about emerging markets, financial management, and state risk analysis. 


Ultimately, to get a better understanding of the European Union affairs in an academic setting, I applied to the College of Europe, Natolin (Poland) for a Master of Arts in European Interdisciplinary Studies for the academic year 2019-2020. I learned about the EU governance system, EU legal order, European economic integration, and European history. In the second semester, I specialized in EU Public Affairs and Policies to deepen my knowledge in competition policy, EU structural investments, and freedom of movement of goods. With my fellow students, we also undertook a study trip to Ukraine to better understand the situation of the country after the Euromaidan revolutions of 2014 and its willingness to become an EU State Member. It was a real human experience. I was living on campus with 132 students from 38 nationalities. It allowed me to discover new cultures and open my horizons. 

A near future, I would like to become a mediator between the public and private sectors on the European level by understanding both sectors’ needs and challenges. In this context, I have recently started a traineeship at the European Commission in Brussels. I will be working for the next five months at its Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) which deals with the implementation of EU funds such as COSME and Horizon2020. Those funds support the internationalization, competitiveness, and innovation performance of European SMEs.


To conclude, I strongly recommend EDHEC for the quality of its faculty and its multidisciplinary method.


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