EDHEC Executive Education: the unique impact of a personal and professional transformation!

To start an executive education programme is to decide to change the course of one’s career and, more broadly, of one’s life journey. On May 25th, 300 participants to EDHEC Executive Education…
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14 Jun 2018

To start an executive education programme is to decide to change the course of one’s career and, more broadly, of one’s life journey. On May 25th, 300 participants to EDHEC Executive Education programmes (Global MBA, Executive MBA, Advanced Management Programme, Management Development Programme) attended their graduation ceremony in Lille. Among these new Alumni, participants to EDHEC Global MBA, EMBA, AMP and CSM look back on this unique experience and on the impact it has already had upon their lives.

Harry Trevor-Jones, Innovation Manager at Lowe & Fletcher, Global MBA 2018:

"From the location of the campus, at the heart of the French Riviera, to the exchanges with my classmates, the availability of the EDHEC staff and the quality of the curriculum and business trips (like the one to Singapore, dedicated to the innovative economy of Southeast Asia)… everything contributed to making EDHEC Global MBA an incredible and life-changing experience. The programme exceeded my expectation in many regards, but particularly in terms of the diversity and friendliness of the class: I’ve made many friends from all corners of the world! It has given me skills for the future but also brilliant memories. Now, I have the confidence to act with conviction in business. I’m very proud to be an EDHEC Alumni!"


Orphée Visvikis, Client project Director at Docapost, EMBA 2018:

"I joined EDHEC Executive MBA (EMBA) because I wanted to develop my leadership in order to achieve collective success - a success shared with my team, management and clients. The programme both confirmed some of my practices and enabled me to rectify other points. It has helped me approach my job with more confidence than ever. The impact the EMBA has made upon my professional path is clear: since I started it, I have been promoted twice, taking my team with me into this dynamic. It has been an absolutely transforming, inspiring and freeing experience.

All along the programme, I have been pleasantly surprised by the kindness of participants and staff members. As we are all experienced professionals, participants and professors alike, there is no hierarchy - interactions are free and very interesting."


Laurence d’Halluin, Production Manager at Bio-Rad, CSM 2018: 

"I have been a team manager for twenty years but, at some point, I felt like I had to evolve and change my approach, especially to work with the youngest of my collaborators. EDHEC Management Development Programme (CSM)  gave me new tools to manage teams in a more flowing but also structured way, and to overcome blockages… Today, I host important meetings with much more ease, even on sensitive subjects. Everybody feels it! This diploma has opened up new opportunities for me within my company, some of which would never have arisen before. It has been a real springboard.

I am really proud to be an EDHEC Alumni now: it is the completion of a project I have cared a lot about, and which required a lot of work and commitment… It also marks the end of an incredible human adventure!"


Isabelle Couturet, Sales Managing Director at HRH Jewelry, AMP 2017:

"When I started EDHEC Advanced Management Programme (AMP), I was Managing Director of a subsidiary of a luxury group, and my expectations were rather personal: I was wondering what direction to take for the rest of my career and I wanted to think about the future. The programme met all my expectations, enabling me to engage on a new path, with a more entrepreneurial dimension. Personal development and coaching modules allowed us to understand ourselves better and go out of our comfort zone. The more technical courses, such as Finance, were also incredibly interesting, just like the immersive seminars - with the French Air Force or in the Silicon Valley.

EDHEC AMP is especially appropriate for experienced executives because it is not a strictly academic adventure. At 40-45 years old, it is an opportunity to take a step back and better define what we want to do for the next 20 years. More than a diploma course, it seems to me like an essential personal experience."


EDHEC would like to congratulate warmly all the participants to its Executive Education programmes, for their hard work, determination and open-mindedness. Hats off to all!

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