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Written on 31 May 2022.

Access our catalogue of webinars and virtual panel discussions covering a range of leadership, management and career related topics. Our Spotlight series features EDHEC MBA professors, directors and Experts-In-Residence discussing innovation, diversity & inclusion. All are online panels are free to access and available on demand and designed to give you a glimpse of the challenging subjects and learning experience you would get from a top-ranked MBA.


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Webinar: How can an MBA help you to advance your international career?

If you are interested in studying an MBA to take your career to new places, you will probably be asking a number of questions right now to evaluate if it is the right investment for you and your future. Questions like:

Can an MBA help me to develop an international career and work in a different country?
Will an MBA help me to advance in my current field? Or make a complete change?
Is an MBA worth the investment for me?
What kind of careers support and guidance will I get?

Hosted by Tony Restell, Director of Social-Hire, join international MBA alumni including Marco Trada, Head of Digital Stores & e-commerce at Microsoft, Sylvia Lao Aguilar, business development manager EMEA at Ouster, Sandra Richez, Global MBA Programme Director and Head of Global MBA Career Services, Spencer Hamilton.

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Spotlight Webinar: The 8 Rules of Innovation Part 1

As managers and leaders, being able to foster and drive innovation is essential – businesses need to be able to react to change and seek new opportunities to grow and thrive. During 10 years of advising some of the world’s leading companies on the topics of disruption, transformation, and innovation, Innosight Partner and Innovator in Residence at EDHEC, Pontus Siren, learned the 8 Rules of innovation which he will share with you in our latest Spotlight Webinar series.

Hosted by Sandra Richez, Global MBA Programme Director and Pontus Siren, Innosight Partner and Innovator in Residence at EDHEC.

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Spotlight Webinar: The 8 Rules of Innovation Part 2

Having explored the first 4 Rules of Innovation in Part 1 (Innovation is predictable, Innovate too early, Innovation is easy and difficult and innovate close to your core), join Pontus Siren, Innosight Partner and Innovator in Residence at EDHEC, and EDHEC Professor of Strategy and Chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation, Karin Kollenz-Quetard to explore rules 5-8.

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Spotlight Webinar: Diversity & Inclusion: Essential for success in the future of work?

The theme for International Women's Day this year is #ChooseToChallenge! EDHEC Business School is supporting #IWD2021 with a thought provoking Spotlight webinar on the role of diversity and inclusion in the future of work.

Despite many years of D&I initiatives and lots of money spent by many organisations, we are still a long way off having a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.

Talent, customers, investors and regulators now recognise the significant business value of diversity and inclusion. These stakeholders are now demanding a greater focus on the mission, vision and values of a company and its impact on people and planet as well as profit.

With EDHEC MBA ‘Disruptor in Residence’ Rob Baker and hosted byGlobal MBA Programme Director, Sandra Richez.

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Bernard Lebelle in the EDHEC MBA Lounge - Sustainability

Join Sandra Richez for a conversation on sustainability as a service with EDHEC Alumnus, Bernard Lebelle, CEO and Co-Founder of The Green Link.

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Robert Baker in The EDHEC MBA Lounge - Diversity & Inclusion

Meet Robert Baker, EDHEC Global MBA ED&I Disruptor in Residence as he shares a short 18-minute talk in the MBA Lounge about Diversity and Inclusion.

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Vanessa Marcie in The EDHEC MBA Lounge - Humour & Leadership

Join Sandra Richez as she chats with Vanessa Marcie for a 14-minute talk on humor and leadership: how can leaders leverage humour in the workplace, what are the risks, is humor in the workplace different for women? What if you just aren't funny? Vanessa shares her tips and advice in The Global MBA Lounge.

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