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EDHEC International BBA No. 2 in France according to Le Point 2024 rankings

Le Point's 4-year Bachelors ranking places EDHEC International BBA 2nd among the best programmes in its category in France. This ranking follows EDHEC International BBA's excellent performance in the Challenges and Figaro rankings, which also place it 2nd in France. 

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14 Feb 2024

For the 3rd year running, EDHEC International BBA is ranked 2nd in Le Point's 4-year BBA ranking. To assess the 10 bachelor's degrees taking part in its survey, the weekly magazine bases its analysis on seven criteria: teaching (rate and quality of student supervision), international dimension (percentage of expatriates among 2023 graduates, time spent abroad and multicultural exposure of students, diversity of teaching staff, international partnerships), professionalisation (rate of integration two months after graduation and average gross salary declared by the schools over the last 3 years), salary levels, selectivity, research and academic recognition (accreditations).  

EDHEC  International BBA also came 2nd in the rankings for 'salary level' and 'selectivity'. In 2023, the programme will have integrated 75% of baccalaureate holders who obtained a distinction of 'very good' or 'good' in their baccalaureate.  

Finally, Le Point’s ranking highlights the quality of teaching, the commitment of the teaching staff (3rd place for teaching) and research (3rd in the ranking on this criterion) of EDHEC International BBA.

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