EDHEC-Risk Institute’s 10th Anniversary

Written on 08 March 2012.


During the events, Dean of EDHEC Business School, Olivier Oger, reflected on the 10 years of EDHEC's Research for Business strategy and emphasised the quality of EDHEC-Risk Institute's research, both academically and in terms of its genuine usefulness for industry.


Peter O'Kelly, EDHEC-Risk Institute's Director of Marketing, then spoke about the Institute's 10 years of success, followed by Noël Amenc, Director of the EDHEC-Risk Institute, who presented 10 years of asset management research.


On the Paris campus, Philippe Marchessaux, CEO, BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Pascal Duval, CEO, EMEA, Russell Investments and François Marion, CEO, CACEIS, discussed the support their companies provide for research work of EDHEC-Risk Institute and underlined its importance for the industry.

On the London Campus, Jaap Maassen, Senior Vice President, APG International and former Chairman, EFRP, Pascal Duval, Executive Managing Director Emea, Russell Investments et Jon Bailie, Global Head of Distribution, Axa Investment Managers were involved and Pr. Frédéric Ducoulombier, Director, EDHEC Risk Institute-Asia, Pr.r Stoyan Stoyanov, Head of Research, EDHEC Risk Institute-Asia, Mayur Ghelani, Head of Relationship Management, Asia, Institutional Client Group, Global Markets, Deutsche Bank, Julien Le Noble, Head of Asia Pacific, CME Group et Dr Ashvin Vibhakar, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Operations, CFA Institute, on the Singapore Campus.

EDHEC-Risk Institute, was set up in 2001 as EDHEC Business School's finance research centre. It is geared to undertaking research of the highest global academic standards and facilitating its take-up by industry. The research centre works in partnership with major financial institutions on sizeable programmes focused on asset allocation and risk management in the traditional and alternative universes.


For more information on the 10 years of EDHEC-Risk Institute:

-          On the London campus, click here

-          On the Singapore campus, click here

-          On the Paris campus, click here  

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