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EDHEC’s Executive MBA: Helping entrepreneurs flourish

When Carine Lavenu started her Executive MBA with EDHEC, she was far from imagining the impact that this transformational programme would have on her, personally and professionally. 

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28 Apr 2023

Carine worked as International Sales Director for a French SME when she started her Executive MBA with EDHEC - and was far from imagining the profound impact the programme would have on her, personally and professionally.   

EDHEC’s Executive MBA (EMBA) gave Carine Lavenu the opportunity to work on herself and helped her find her true career ambitions, while gaining new perspectives and insights. Learning about strategy and entrepreneurship through her EMBA was the motivation that Carine needed and gave her the confidence to take the plunge and start her own business.

My name is Carine, I am 47 years old. I used to be international sales director for an SME in France, specialized in medical devices. That was before the Executive MBA.

During the MBA, I decided to quit the company and to create my own company, helping entrepreneurs with their strategy, their marketing and their performance.

The programme impacted a lot of my life

  • professionally because I decided to change career and to be my own boss
  • personally it also impacted me in terms of freedom and understanding what I really wanted to be

I've always been a very career focused woman but I decided to focus on me and on what I really wanted to be in life. The Executive MBA really impacted me a lot on various levels

The EDHEC Executive MBA gave Carine the skills and confidence she needed to set up her own business, Today, with International Sparks & Links, Carine herself helps entrepreneurs and leaders in SMEs by encouraging them to take a step back on their activity, and helping them work on their strategy and achieve their objectives.

Make your entrepreneurial dream come true

Are you dreaming about setting up your own business but don’t quite know where to start? The EDHEC Executive MBA will give you a solid understanding of the key business-management aspects and strategic decision-making processes necessary to run your business with success.

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