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EDHEC’s open executive programmes ranked among the Top 5 worldwide by the Financial Times

EDHEC’s executive programmes continue to move up in the Financial Times business school rankings. In the most recent ranking, released May 20, EDHEC’s open-enrollment executive programmes placed 5th worldwide, and its custom executive programmes ranked 14th. 

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17 May 2024

In their assessment of executive education worldwide, the Financial Times ranking team spotlighted the excellence of EDHEC’s executive education. EDHEC’s portfolio of open programmes (which includes the Executive Master of Business & Management Programme, the Advanced Leadership Programme and a range of short programmes and certificates for managers and directors) moved up a total of five places in 2024, an impressive accomplishment that reflects EDHEC’s dedication to learning innovation.

The new FT ranking highlights the loyalty of companies working with EDHEC to develop their top managers and executives, as well as participant satisfaction. EDHEC ranks #1 worldwide for participant satisfaction, scoring 9.93 out of 10.

EDHEC’s executive training allows leaders to improve their skills in supporting, communicating and negotiating change. It gives them the keys to understanding the major transformations of the world, develop their ability to motivate their teams, manage stress and make decisions in any situation, even under pressure," explains Yannick Lacour, Executive Director of JTEKT Europe, and an alumnus of EDHEC’s open executive education programmes. 

EDHEC’s custom programmes also advanced in the FT ranking, moving up one position to 14th place worldwide. In this cohort of global programmes, EDHEC stands out for its high level of participant satisfaction (moving up four spots in 2024). 

Our corporate customers entrust us with specific learning goals, and we meet those goals,”  says Anne Fessan, Director of Customised Executive Programmes at EDHEC. “We regularly experiment with new learning tools and methods and validate our approach to ensure that it meets the evolving needs of our clients and their teams. This new ranking provides concrete proof that our custom programme clients are satisfied with the education they are receiving. We’re proud of this new ranking by the Financial Times and feel motivated to continue our work.” 

EDHEC Associate Dean for Executive Education and MBAs Stéphane Canonne highlighted the school’s commitment to providing relevant and transformative education in his remarks regarding the 2024 FT ranking. 

At EDHEC, our goal is to provide education with real-world impact,” he said. “Executives today face daunting climate and technology challenges, and I am proud of EDHEC’s ability to keep up with these challenges and support participants in their pursuit of skills and expertise that will help them and their organizations traverse this challenging period.”

Stéphane Canonne also thanked executive education alumni for their continued support, reflected in their positive responses to the Financial Times. “I’m grateful for the loyalty of EDHEC’s Executive alumni and to the organizations behind them who trust our school to equip corporate leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to surmount new challenges and achieve new goals.”  


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