EDHEC TWENTY TWENTY for the Class of 2020

Written on 23 September 2020.

EDHEC Business School is happy to celebrate the EDHEC International BBA and Master class of 2020 through two unique online events.

Pending the physical graduation ceremony, the Twenty Twenty event was imagined by EDHEC Business School to congratulate the 2020 BBA and Master promotions and to highlight the people, events and key memories of this class, who was confined for the last months of the academic year.

Under exceptional conditions, exceptional events !

Online event for the EDHEC Master Class of 2020

Online event for the EDHEC International BBA class of 2020

A unique occasion to celebrate the student community, professors and staff, and to congratulate the brilliant work of the EDHEC class of 2020.

Enjoy the ceremony !

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