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(EDHECinfra) Discover the programme of the next Seminar in Singapore, on June 22, 2023

In person Seminar - From 9 am to 12.30 pm at the Fullerton Hotel (Singapore)

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7 Jun 2023

The EDHEC Infrastructure & Private Assets Research Institute is organizing on June 22, with the support of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, a seminar on the theme:

Climate and social risks of infrastructure investments: lesson from Asia



The entire event will be held in English.


Introduction to The EDHECinfra Climate Risk Metrics Project

Frederic Blanc-Brude, Ph.D., Director, EDHEC Infra & Private Assets.


Transition Risks of Transport Infrastructure: The Case of the Airport Sector in Asia

Darwin Marcelo, Project Director & Fabien Nugier, Senior Research Engineer, PhD, EDHEC Infra & Private Assets.


Physical Risks of Power Generation Infrastructure: The Case of the Fossil-Fuel Energy Sector in East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines)

Darwin Marcelo, Project Director& Qinyu Goh, Sustainability Data Scientist, EDHEC Infra & Private Assets


Assessing the impact of climate change on the valuation of infrastructure assets: Example for Gas-Fired Plants in Singapore

Bertrand Jayles, Ph.D., Senior Data Scientist, EDHEC Infra & Private Assets


Social Acceptability Risks and Public Perception: Conventional Vs. Renewable Energy Acceptability Risks in South-East Asia

Jeanette Orminski, Senior Sustainability and ESG Researcher, EDHEC Infra & Private Assets.


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