EDHEC’s MSc in Finance re-enters the world top 5 alongside MIT and HEC (Financial Times)

Written on 20 June 2016.


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EDHEC Business School’s MSc in Finance was ranked 4th worldwide in the Financial Times ranking of Masters in Finance released today. This result once again confirms the excellence and international standing of EDHEC’s training programmes amid an increasingly competitive backdrop.

Following the EFinancialCareers ranking which placed EDHEC 1st among French business schools with recruiters in the City of London, the Financial Times now rates EDHEC’s MSc in Financial Markets 4th worldwide (ahead of the equivalent programmes offered by MIT and Oxford) and in the top 3 in France (with HEC and ESCP). Note in terms of individual criteria, that EDHEC’s programme was ranked 2nd for international mobility and 4th for international experience, and also recorded significant progress in terms of average salaries compared to 2015.

This new international classification cements EDHEC Business School’s position in the leading trio of business schools in France: U-Multirank (April 2016) rated EDHEC as the leading French business school and the Financial Times also ranked the EDHEC Global MBA in the top 3 in France for the first time, along with HEC and INSEAD (January 2016), as did The Economist.

“This result confirms the relevance of our 'for business' model which ensures our training programmes impact directly on companies and business in general. This model helps us stand out from our rivals and positions us among the global elite of business schools, with a focus on serving our students”, explains Olivier Oger, Dean of EDHEC Business School

Recap of French business schools’ rankings with the Financial Times 

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