Engineering & management: EDHEC and UTC join forces to create an innovative undergraduate double-degree

EDHEC Business School and the Technological University of Compiègne (UTC) announce the creation of a four-year undergraduate double degree in digital engineering and management. The programme will…

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9 Jul 2021

EDHEC Business School and the Technological University of Compiègne (UTC) announce the creation of a four-year undergraduate double degree in digital engineering and management. The programme will train a new generation of students seeking a transversal curriculum enabling them to acquire a combination of technical and business and behavioural skills.   

Amid the increasing digitalisation of the economy, and faced with the challenges related to the use of quantitative data, companies are more than ever looking for candidates with multiple competencies. To respond to the new expectations of today’s young generations and the needs of companies, EDHEC and UTC have worked together to devise and develop a new hybrid undergraduate programme.

The innovative four-year programme caters to undergraduate students wishing to develop dual competencies in engineering sciences and management sciences.

Dual expertise in high demand as a result of the boom in data professions

The curriculum will comprise four semesters at UTC then four semesters at EDHEC – with pedagogical teams from both establishments intervening throughout – and will include one semester abroad and two semesters of internship.

During the first two years, students will acquire the fundamentals of a mathematical and managerial culture, then apply this knowledge in the following two years of the programme, when classes will also be delivered in English. They can also specialise by choosing one of the following three majors: Marketing, Finance or Engineering.

On completing the programme, students will obtain a double degree in the form of a bachelor from EDHEC and a proprietary degree (diplôme d’établissement) issued by UTC.

The new programme prepares students for careers in the fields of finance, e-commerce, marketing and technology. They can gear themselves toward a broad array of professions such as data analyst, data scientist, digital brand manager or chief data officer, and also for emerging functions like growth hacker, KYC (Know Your Customer) officer, cryptologist or data ethnographer

The programme is planned for launch in September 2022 with an initial cohort of 80 students. Candidates will be able to apply through the Parcoursup platform as from next year, bearing in mind that the programme caters to students who have specialised either in mathematics, economic and social sciences or political sciences in their final two years of high school.

The creation of this ambitious and highly innovative programme is the fruit of the work undertaken in co-operation with UTC. It further illustrates our ambitions in the area of skills hybridisation, which represents a core component of our strategic planned geared to serving future generations

explains Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School.


This new programme developed in collaboration with EDHEC is consistent with UTC’s DNA – “giving meaning to innovation” – which is embedded in the heart of our training programmes and pedagogical methods. It is an innovative hybrid programme that harnesses the rich experience and expertise of our two establishments and is designed to train engineer-managers capable of grasping the issues and challenges in several areas of expertise and thus preparing them for a sustainable future

underlines Christophe Guy, Dean of UTC.  

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