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29 May 2019

Florian Montaufier is a final-year student on the Business Management track, specialising in Audit & Management Control and Financial Management, with a double degree in accounting, control and audit (CCA) from the University of Nice. He completed his baccalaureate, with honours, at the Présentation de Marie secondary school in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois in the region of Haute-Savoie before joining the EDHEC International BBA in 2015.


Florian Montaufier, EDHEC Business School


The international dimension of the BBA was my main motivation. I am the child of an expatriate, so it was essential for me to find a programme that would be recognised internationally and that had triple accreditation (in France, Europe and globally).

I chose the Business Management track because it offered real added value in the form of specialisation. Nowadays, I think it is essential to have solid academic credentials to become a top corporate achiever and I think one way of achieving these credentials is through a specialised education. This allows you to develop real, practical skills that can be adapted to the workplace.

I gravitated towards the Audit & Management Control and Financial Management specialisation, in particular, in my third year because after my first-year internship, I was attracted by corporate finance. I am naturally inclined towards a career in audit and my various meetings with the EDHEC International BBA Career Centre and professionals in the field have confirmed my choice.

There are numerous experts teaching this specialisation and it is well suited to a career in corporate finance. Indeed, I am currently working as an intern at KPMG, auditing consolidated accounts. Courses, such as advanced accounting, consolidation, or financing and investment policy has allowed me to better understand the complexity of the auditor’s work. This internship is very interesting, as it is putting my skills to the test with real clients.

Previously, I completed an extended eight-month internship in financial management at TC Transcontinental in Montreal. This experience gave me an insight into the functioning of an international financial management company. What’s more, the company had a strong presence in the United States and I was able to practise my English in technical discussions and perfect my technical vocabulary. I had the opportunity to work on complex issues, such as the implementation of IFRS 15 (for revenue recognition), participate in goodwill impairment testing, assist with the preparation of financial accounts, etc. Montreal is also a city that I particularly like, as it is multicultural, with a unique way of life.


PACE University


In 2017, I took part in a Global Manager Certificate (GMC) exchange at Pace University in New York City. This course was also highly educational: I explored New York life, but more importantly, learned about the functioning and working methods of North American firms. The exchange enabled me to join the Lublin School of Business (Pace University) investment club and to share great moments with local and international students. I also enjoyed discovering a new way of working, with the classroom principle reversed (you do the coursework at home, then ask lots of questions in class).

In 2018, I completed my fourth-year specialisation in accounting with a double degree (at Master’s level 1) in accounting, control and audit (CCA) from the University of Nice. I’m very grateful that EDHEC Business School gave me the opportunity to do this double degree. This double track takes place in two stages over two years; during the fourth year of the BBA, we also complete a double degree at Master’s level 1 from the University of Nice. The double degree thus counts towards EDHEC Business School’s MSc in International Accounting and Finance or MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking, with a double degree (at Master’s level 2) from the University of Nice.

The double degree allows you to combine the highly international education you receive as part of the EDHEC International BBA with a more national qualification. This path also allows you to earn the maximum number of credits towards the Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management (DSCG). This is added value that I will, without doubt, include in my CV.

Next September, I will start the MSc in International Accounting and Finance at EDHEC Business School, with a double degree (Master’s level 2) in accounting, control and audit from the University of Nice. I would then like to apply for a job at a major auditing firm (one of the Big Four) in France or Canada, with a view to becoming an associate in the longer term.


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