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Global MBA Social Impact & Diversity Club

In today’s context it is increasingly critical that we understand the challenges that business and the planet face and drive positive action to tackle them.

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26 Apr 2023

The EDHEC Global MBA Social Impact and diversity club of the 2023 cohort is aimed towards gaining deeper insights into the dimensions of sustainability including the key dimension of DE&I. We do this through interactions with industry experts, alumnae and academia in related fields. We also have Robert Baker, who is the disruptor in residence for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for the Global MBA programme, mentoring the club lead and members.

This year the focus of the club is on three aspects ; Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability in industries and social impact.

"Since these topics have a strong relation with new initiatives, there are frequent collaborations with the Entrepreneurship club, which is one of the other 6 MBA clubs at EDHEC Global MBA programme. In the end we would want to leave our learnings from this year for the incoming Global MBA cohort at EDHEC and our peers across the globe." explains club president and Global  MBA candidate Shreeja Nandy. 


Sustainability & Social Impact: an MBA journey

The team has recently launched a podcast on the issues closest to their hearts: Sustainability & Social Impact: an MBA journey.  This Podcast addresses the core questions of 

  • What is sustainability in the context of different industries
  • How does it impact various stakeholders' and lastly 
  • Where do we fit in

It will cover two genres: Students' Journey & Industry Insights

"As Global MBA students, we recognize that the topic of sustainability is complex, rapidly evolving, and fragmented today. This initiative is an endeavor to have a broad view of the topic, prepare ourselves to be 'sustainability-ready', and connect with our peers." Shreeja says. 

Sustainability & Social Impact - the Podcast

Today, it is critical for leaders to drive positive action, toward building more sustainable and inclusive businesses. At the same time, it is increasingly complex to navigate this topic and understand our role in making a positive impact.

Through expert ans student interviews, the podcast explores the core questions of

  • What is sustainability in the context of different industries
  • How does it impact various stakeholders
  • Where do we fit in.

Through the 'Students Speak' series, the current cohort of Global MBA students at the EDHEC Business School in France, share their experiences and new learnings. They discuss their aspirations for making an impact and their motivations for contributing to sustainable development. 


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Read on to find out more about the different episodes available: 

Sustainability podcast EDHEC MBA 2023

Sustainability & Social Impact Podcast: available episodes


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Students Speak: Hashika Lalla shares stories from South Africa and her passion to position the Financial Sector as enablers of a sustainable economy

In this episode, Hashika Lalla, from the 2022-2023 cohort, shares her extensive experience in the financial sector, her motivation for contributing to sustainable development, and her aspirations to transform the industry from 'money chasers' to 'change-makers'. She also highlights her learnings from the Global MBA programme and how it has equipped her to make an impact using a diverse perspective.


Industry Experts: Stéphanie Simpson from UNHCR on ‘Implementing a clear and efficient CSR strategy’

Stéphanie Simpson, a Strategic Partnerships Development Manager at UNHCR with 20+ years of experience in international marketing, communication, and fundraising, discusses the need for businesses to integrate CSR into their core vision and business model, and how to evaluate and transition towards sustainability. She also shares her personal experience in setting up a CSR strategy for Lenval Children's Foundation, Nice.


Students Speak: Federico Porro from Italy draws a parallel between frontline NGO experience and developing impactful strategies

Federico Porro, from the 2022-2023 cohort, shares moving stories about his on-ground experiences, boosting his skills in the MBA programme and future goal of helping businesses to develop strategies for disruptive technology and solving sustainable challenges.


Industry Experts: Luca Signoretti on 'The role of Agile Leadership in driving Sustainability'

Luca Signoretti, a Leadership and Business Agility expert, explains the core aspects of Agile leadership and how elements such as Systemic thinking, can help us take a broader view of the multiple factors affecting sustainability. He also shares insights on how aspiring leaders and MBA students can embark on their Agile journey.


Student Speak: Juan Pablo from Chile hopes for stronger Public-private partnerships

In this episode, Juan Pablo, from the 2022-2023 cohort, talks about the need for stronger public-private partnerships for successfully tackling global challenges. He discusses his experiences in the public sector in Chile and shares his aspirations for building bridges between the private and public sectors for solving pressing climate issues.

Are you ready to make a sustainable impact? 

Choose an MBA with ESG education at its heart. Whether your dream is entrepreneurship, changing careers, moving to a new country or aligning your work with your values, the EDHEC Global MBA enables you to gain the necessary skills and business practices to transform your career, lead with confidence and make a lasting & sustainable impact.

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