Goal-based investing to better achieve investors' goals

Written on 12 February 2015.

This much needed focus on a client-centric approach implies that investing in safe assets is perhaps the riskiest of all strategies for individual investors, since it generally involves an exceedingly high probability of not meeting ambitious consumption objectives throughout the life-cycle given existing budget constraints. It also implies that the traditional focus on risk-aversion is mostly irrelevant when it comes to capturing investors' preferences.

The challenges of long-term investment decisions can only be addressed through a suitably designed- dynamic combination of risky performance-seeking portfolios and dedicated goal-hedging portfolios, engineered so as to generate the highest possible probability of meeting individual investors' aspirational goals while securing their essential goals.

EDHEC-Risk Institute will be organising a Masterclass on Individual Investor Solutions on March 23 at The Brewery, in London, focusing on these goal-based investment solutions in private wealth management.

The aim of this masterclass is to provide participants with an introduction to the modern financial engineering and risk management techniques which will allow a new breed of investment managers to design and implement innovative forms of welfare-improving investment solutions for individual investors.

The seminar will also showcase how the emergence of these new forms of investment solutions is a profound paradigm change that will have a disruptive impact on the retail and private wealth management industry.

The masterclass is presented in a highly accessible manner by professor Lionel Martellini, Scientific Director, EDHEC-Risk Institute and reponsible for the "Risk Allocation and Goal-Based Wealth Management" research chair endowed by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

The masterclass brochure can be downloaded via the following link: Masterclass on Individual Investor Solutions

To register please go to: https://www.regonline.co.uk/erimasterclass2015

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