Founded in Lille in 2010, InitiativesETcité is a social and solidarity economy-based initiative aimed at fostering meaningful economic development and creating sustainable jobs in Hauts-de-France.

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8 Aug 2022
inititives et cites

Under the initiative, 20 service companies have come together to contribute to local and sustainable economic development by supporting project leaders through the Evident! social innovation incubator and by helping regions and companies in the areas of social innovation, sustainable economic development, organisational development and ecosystem structuring.

Officially recognised as a regional hub of economic cooperation since 2013, InitiativesETcité has brought together a network of actors from different backgrounds to promote local economic development and employment. It can draw on high-level expertise in numerous fields, such as innovative economic models, legal structures, public policy implementation, sponsorship and private partnership, financing, communications (strategy, social networks, public relations, general interest) and digital technology (the integration of communications and process tools).

EDHEC’s partnership with InitiativesETcité on the Creative Business & Social Innovation course gives students the opportunity to spend a semester working with companies on group projects that have a social impact. These projects enable students to formulate and present recommendations and help them to fine-tune their problem-solving and advisory skills. 

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