(IPE Real Assets) Renewables to become riskier investment unless storage keeps pace

Press review - Discover the article published in IPE Real Assets on November 16 about the latest EDHECinfra report "The Pricing of Green Infrastructure".

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18 Nov 2022

In an article published in IPE Real Assets, journalist Lauren Mills sums up the latest EDHECinfra report on green infrastructures: "Investments in renewable energy will become inherently riskier for institutional investors without an appropriate increase in energy storage, according to EDHECInfra. The benchmarking and analytics provider argues that, as intermittent green energy sources, such as wind and solar, become central to power systems, they increases the volatility of power prices and therefore the risks faced by investors in the sector."

  • To read the full article, follow this link
  • To download the report "The Pricing of Green Infrastructure", click here
  • To read the article published by the authors in The Conversation, follow this link (tbc)


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