(Le Monde) I. Monasterolo : « No financial intervention [...] can address climate change without credible economic and energy policies »

Press review - Read the article published in Le Monde (in French) on 18 November by Irene Monasterolo, professor of climate finance at EDHEC and director of the "Impact of Finance on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation" programme of the EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute.

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21 Nov 2022

In an article published in French in Le Monde, Irene Monasterolo asks: "[...] Why does financing for mitigation and adaptation remain insufficient, particularly in emerging and developing countries? This is due to the uncertainty surrounding climate policies and the inconsistent signals sent to markets. No financial intervention, whether public or private, can respond to climate change without credible economic and energy policies. Policy credibility is the key to engaging parties; it makes investors' expectations and risk assessments self-fulfilling, which is essential to redirecting capital towards mitigation and adaptation."


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