(Le Point) Bertrand Monnet, a teacher undercover with the mafia

Press review - Read this portrait of Bertrand Monnet, Senior Lecturer at EDHEC and holder of the criminal risks management chair, published in Le Point.

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15 Feb 2023
Bertrand Monnet, un prof infiltré chez les mafieux

This portrait of Bertrand Monnet, published on the 15th of February in Le Point by Claire Lefebvre, begins like this : "Don't call him Indiana Jones. Bertrand Monnet may spend a third of his time on the other side of the planet, with criminals from all over the world, but he is a teacher-researcher and director of a chair at EDHEC. His subject? Criminal risk management. A speciality that he has been teaching for some twenty years to the school's students: including the Grande Ecole programme, bachelors, MBA and Executive MBA. "These young people are or will one day be part of the top management of their company. They will all be confronted with cases of computer hacking in their professional lives. This is a certainty. Depending on their profession, they will have to deal with other issues: money laundering in the financial sector, counterfeiting in industry, but also piracy..."

  • To read the full portrait (in French) : follow this link
  • To know more about Bertrand Monnet : click here
  • To learn more about the criminal risks management chair : follow this link


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