Look back on the 2020 International Career Day

Maria-Alejandra Larios, in charge of the international corporate relations & events, take a look back on the 2020 virtual edition of the International Career Day that took place on November 23d.

Written on 09 December 2020.


What is the Internation Career Day ?

The International Career Day is an event designed to allow companies to meet, network and recruit world-class management students who are dedicated to building an international post-graduate career.


How to adapt for the organization of a “young” event in the current context?

This year we have changed the format of the event, companies over demanded and tend to respond negatively because "one more event" is complicated to manage. We decided to offer one-hour slots so companies can present their career opportunities and have a privileged moment of discussion around a 30-minute Q&A. This format has met with great success.


What is the interest for companies and students to participate in this event?

- For companies: Share their opportunities, employer branding, meet more than 1,500 students across all programs.

- For students: they have all the offers from companies in one place and can position themselves directly. They also have the opportunity to discover new companies offering offers in France and / or internationally.


​ What has this virtual format enabled you to do?

This format allowed us to invite all of our students, usually only students on the Lille campus are invited.

We also had the opportunity to host companies from China, UK & Ireland, Belgium, Dubai, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg.., which usually do not travel to attend events in Europe.


​ Can students find career opportunities?

This event was, precisely designed to offer our students the opportunity to discover international opportunities but also opportunities from French companies, for our international students. Often these offers are not visible on the career websites of companies and this event is a great showcase to advertise these opportunities.


Some feedback…

“The organization was great. The platform was easy to use and it was all arranged well. Meeting some great candidates with great questions, the fact that the event was run so smoothly”

“ Good and user-friendly platform, proximity with the student during the presentation (chat) and after (Q&A)”


Highlights of this virtual edition..

The 100% virtual events are new for us so we try to improve and give to our companies and students the best services. This edition allowed us to:
- Engage with more companies and students
- Easy to measure results
- Unique online experience
- Keep bringing together recruiters and students in this particular context
- Easier to make connections – it’s global!

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