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Mastering the Future of Finance with EDHEC’s Master in Management, Finance track

Discover how EDHEC’s Master in Management, Finance track equips you with academic excellence and practical experience to master the future of finance and unlock career opportunities.

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16 Apr 2024
Laurent Deville


In the rapidly evolving world of finance, professionals who stand out are those equipped with academic excellence and practical experience. EDHEC's Master in Management - Finance track fully addresses this demand, offering a programme that blends world-class academic learning with significant practical experience making it highly valued in the financial industry.  

Gain insights into the programme’s structure, benefits, and the unique opportunities it presents, guided by insights from Professor Laurent Deville, Programme Director, and the experience of Lorenzo Perlini, a student of the Master in Management, Finance track. 


Introduction to EDHEC’s Master in Management - Finance track


EDHEC’s Master in Finance Management, taught by distinguished faculty and industry experts, is designed to help you achieve career goals. It opens the door to unique career opportunities in finance. Upon graduation, you will be equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential to navigate the complexities of the finance industry.

The Master in Management - Finance track combines a 2-year academic education with a year of professional immersion. It is a unique programme because you will study Finance from day one! It begins with a foundational year, focusing on giving you a 360-degree view of finance. This comprehensive approach ensures graduates are well-informed in both corporate and market finance, equipped with managerial skills, and skilled in applying tools and knowledge to real-world situations. Upon graduation, you will earn a French Master degree, fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in France, and an MSc degree, which is the specialisation you will choose for the last year of your education. 

You will have the chance to study on EDHEC’s Nice campus, located between the sea and mountains, and enjoy the beautiful weather of the Côte d’Azur. It is a campus fully dedicated to finance with a Bloomberg Trading room, data sets, specific library, a Career Centre with a team specialised in finance, a finance research centre, etc. It is just an amazing place to learn Finance.” Professor Laurent Deville


Explore the Master in Management, Finance track’s Structure


Year 1: Building a strong foundation for finance leaders


The first year is dedicated to developing a large understanding of finance. It covers managerial toolkits, cognitive tools like financial econometrics with Python, and insights into the future of finance, including fintech and climate finance. This foundational year prepares you for success in all finance domains, ensuring you possess a large skill set.

While some of you may already have a clear career path in mind, preferences can change. Our goal is to offer a broad overview that lays the foundation for a successful career in finance. This general perspective is crucial, even for those intending to specialise, as it will help master the content of your chosen area of focus and go beyond the basics.

Additionally, we offer electives designed to broaden your understanding or allow you to focus deeper into a particular interest. After the first year (Master 1), you will be well-prepared to enter the industry, taking on selective internships in France and abroad, which further your professional development.” Professor Laurent Deville


Lorenzo Perlini shares how the Master 1 of the Master in Finance Management fully prepared him to go into the professional immersion year: “In my experience, I was provided all the necessary information and skills to excel. The academic content laid a solid foundation, and the Career Centre played a crucial role in refining my application. They offered invaluable advice for excelling in interviews and organised mock interviews, which were tailored to the specific field I was applying to. This comprehensive approach significantly boosted my confidence and preparedness for the professional world.” 


Year 2: Professional immersion and real-world application


A distinguishing feature of this 2-year academic programme is the year of professional immersion, allowing you to apply your academic knowledge in real-world experience through two 6-months internships. This practical experience is invaluable, often influencing the specialisation choice in the final year.

The gap year is indubitably the most important step of the programme: for most students - including myself - it represented the first real chance to shine in the job market. It is first of all an opportunity to practically learn how to apply in a concrete way the theoretical knowledge acquired in class, and, secondly, the best way we have to understand what we really like to do “outside school”.” Lorenzo Perlini


Year 3: Specialisation – Tailor your expertise


In the final year, you will choose from our four Master of Science to gain additional skills in your chosen field – Accounting and Finance, Corporate Finance and Banking, Financial Engineering, and Climate Change & Sustainable Finance

All MSc programmes share the same core MiM component on one side - regulation and ethics in finance, sustainable finance, strategic leadership and research methodology courses and specialised courses on the other side. Focus will there be given on content delivering advanced knowledge in Financial Analysis, Valuation, Quantitative Finance or Climate and Sustainable Finance, without being fully exclusive to specialisations.” Explains Professor Laurent Deville

Each MSc is designed to meet different career aspirations, ensuring that you are job-ready and able to excel in your chosen field.


The gap year followed by the specialisation year really enabled me to secure a position in a Graduate Program before graduation.” Lorenzo Perlini


The EDHEC experience: Beyond the classroom


EDHEC Business School's Master in Management - Finance track is more than just an academic programme. It is an ecosystem designed to foster professional growth and network building. With its comprehensive curriculum, international exposure, real-world experience, a dedicated Career Centre, and specialised career services, you will be well-prepared to enter the competitive finance industry successfully.




Want to know more about our Master in Management – Finance track? Watch the replay of the Info Session available on our on-demand videos webpage




Laurent Deville
16 Apr 2024
Mastering the Future of Finance with EDHEC’s Master in Management, Finance track
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🌟 Master the world of finance with EDHEC's Master in Management, Finance track! This prestigious program offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and intensive professional practice, setting you up for success in the global finance industry. 📊
Taught by distinguished faculty and seasoned industry experts, this programme lays a strong academic foundation and provides a full year of professional immersion, giving you the real-world experience needed to excel. In your final year, specialize in areas like Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering, or Climate Change & Sustainable Finance, tailored to your career aspirations. 🏦🌿
EDHEC’s Nice campus provides an inspiring learning environment, complete with a Bloomberg Trading room and specialized finance library. 🏖️📚
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