Happy change

Written on 12 February 2021.

Thomas Arnaudo, EDHEC Master in Management 2013

Some of us do our best thinking in the bathroom. Certainly, it was a source of inspiration for It’s a startup that seems so right, and so right for the times, it deserves to succeed. As founder Thomas Arnaudo explains, “we asked, why does the bathroom trash can fill up with so many plastic bottles?” The solution was to rethink personal care products we use everyday. So toothpaste is now a tiny pellet to pop in your mouth when you brush. Deodorant is a refillable stick system. Shower gel is a concentrated ball you reconstitute with tap water in a reusable bottle. Cutting down on plastic waste is only one of the victories. Producing effective, natural care products that aren’t bulked up with water means shrinking the carbon footprint linked to transportation by 90%. The products themselves are also formulated to be as kind to the planet as they are to humans. No parabens, silicon, sulfate, triclosan, titanium dioxide, or aluminum salts. Thanks to EDHEC, Thomas and his partners got into Station F where likeminded souls have helped the idea fly. The EDHEC network has also led to investors and partners. One to watch.

  • May 2019: Started thinking the project through
  • July 2019: Selected partners, launched R&D
  • Oct 2019: Carried out study of first beta- testers
  • May 2020: Formulas finalized, regulatory tests launched
  • June 2020: Presale of products began at


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