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Meet the GMBA cohort: Marissa Grice from the US

Meet Marissa to find out what her career aspirations are and why she chose EDHEC to make her dream come true

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22 Dec 2023

Meet Marissa Jane Grice from the US, with over 10 years of experience in higher education administration and HR. As part of the EDHEC Global MBA cohort 2024, she aims to strengthen her leadership skills and deepen her understanding of finance.

The EDHEC Global MBA packs a wealth of knowledge and practical experience into an intense 10-month full-time programme. Over a third of the programme is customised to suit your own career path, and the international business education and hands-on experience you’ll get is combined with personalised career coaching and a global network to help you on your way.

My name is Marissa Grice, and I am from San Diego, California. I went to Baylor University for my undergrad, and I obtained a BFA in Theatre. After I graduated, I decided not to delve straight into a career, and I moved to France where I lived right outside of Paris. When I came back to the States that’s when I decided to really start my career in higher education administration. I’d been working in Facilities Management for several universities all throughout the U.S, and then most recently served as an HR Manager for a small company in Portland, Oregon. The timing was right to begin my Global MBA. 
From this programme, I’m really hoping to obtain confidence in my leadership and management skills as well as really build a solid foundation in finance. Beyond that, I am excited to have the diversity that is in our cohort. I believe that there is strength in diversity! This opportunity allows us to be able to grow both inside and outside of the classroom and learn from each other both in a professional and social setting.  

My career goal is to stay in France and obtain an internship with an international company here in France. I’m hoping to either stay in HR or transition into consultancy or explore the world of Global Finance.  
I chose EDHEC for my MBA for 3 reasons:  

  • The first is that it’s in France, and it’s well-ranked with a wonderful reputation both globally and in France specifically.  

  • The second reason is the diversity both of our classmates as well as the faculty and staff, and the companies that we will be networking with. 

  • And the third reason is the unique aspects of the programme, the careerSMART programme as well as the learning expeditions all throughout Europe, as well as the Sustainability focus on both projects but also throughout the entirety of all our classes. Also, because we are in France, and France is a leader in Sustainability, there’s no better place to be. 

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